What’s keeping you down?

Some days start out like this. Deflated, flat, empty.

What we choose to fill ourselves with will determine our altitude. We will have trouble getting off the ground, out of the start gate, into the race if we are not filled properly. What are you filled with?

Negativity? Degrading self-talk? Fear? Laziness? Lack of vision?

Possibilities? Positive self-image? Faith? Initiative? Purpose?

Hot air balloons will stay on the ground, deflated when the air temperature outside the balloon matches the temperature inside the balloon. The air on the inside of the balloon must be heated for the molecules to spread out and rise up. As they are, the balloon will float up and rise above the ground. It is now lighter than the air around it and cannot be held down by it.

heating the air

So what keeps the balloon down? No hot air. What keeps us down? No hot air. Our internal temperature matches the temperature of “the world”, “the culture”. There is no difference between what’s inside us and the things surrounding us. The Apostle John called it, in Revelation being ,”lukewarm”. (Rev. 3:16) Not hot and not cold. In this state it is impossible to rise up.

So to rise up, we need to be filled with hot air. We need to be heated up. Our passions need reigniting. Our dreams need renewing. Our hopes need reinforcement. We need fire to burn again in us. We need a personal bonfire inside us, consuming the laziness, shame, fear, and whatever else needs to burn away. Let it all burn away and you will see yourself begin to rise above it all. Keep the fire stoked, and stay flying above it, no longer tied down. Hot air floats, rises to the top. Cooling air, or releasing hot air lowers.

Let’s burn bright and rise up.

Cheers to you.

We’re going up!

One thought on “What’s keeping you down?

  1. Kimmie

    Again something I really needed to hear today as I was struggling & having a kind a down day! Thanks again Deb you really are gifted in sharing things in a way that touched my heart💗

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