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I appreciate you stopping by and taking a couple of minutes to spend with me in these uncertain times. Whatever your situation, I trust that you will find hope, inspiration, encouragement here Under Debra’s Palm.

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Times are changing

Yesterday, in our area, we had a dearly beloved historical attraction and youth overnight field trip location SINK. Literally. The tall ship – “The Pilgrim”, docked at The Ocean Institute in Dana Point, began to keel starboard and take on water. By the next morning, it’s deck was totally below water, with only the masts […]

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Butterfly Effect

Butterflies are such beautiful and delicate creatures that most of us have taken the time to enjoy their movement, colors and mannerisms. Their wings are massive compared to their bodies and don’t even need to be so big for them to fly. They can actually fly with a damaged or broken wing. They don’t flap […]

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