Who is Debra?

Well this Debra is a wife, Mom, empty-nester, retired teacher, and avid Jesus follower. I love photography, writing, sailing, exploring, paddle boarding, and traveling.

Why now? Why here? Why not? It’s never too late. I have a lot to share. There’s alot to unfold, a lot to see, a lot to hear.

Experiences are for sharing, encouragement, and insight. We are made for community, belonging, sharing. So that is what we will do here, under Debra’s palm.

What’s with “DEBRA’S PALM” and being under it?

Deborah was one of the twelve Judges of ancient Israel. These judges led the Israelites before they had kings. She was the fourth judge and it is said that she “held court under the Palm of Deborah”. Judges 4:4

She sat at the entrance to the city and there the Israelites would bring to her their issues, cares, disputes, etc. It was the judges responsibility to settle each case with Godly insight and inspiration.

Being a Debra myself, I have always felt inspired by her story.

So with this new venture, a website that bears her legacy and my name, I will seek to inspire and encourage like Deborah of old. Although still in the formative stages, some inclusions here will be:

  • Inspirational blogs and stories
  • Instructional teachings
  • Food for thought
  • Resources
  • My heart is for this generation to be established in truth, moral values, spiritual vision, strength of character and burning passion for an abundant life. So, I seek that precious audience. But my heart equally burns for the linking of the generations, a returning of the hearts of the Fathers to the children. Therefore, my target audience is a multi-generational one.

I’m excited to begin this journey at the dawn of a new age of vision – 2020!

A new day is dawning

Cheers to you.