Month: February 2022

Give Peace a Chance

It is more than a 1969, Plastic Ono Band song, by John Lennon, it is the cry of your weary mind and body.

Peace, silence, quiet and tranquility offer your body and mind many benefits, and until there is peace in our mind there will never be peace anywhere else. So it’s time to overcome that fear and phrase of this generation – “Awkward silence”, because awkward or not, we need to give peace a chance.

According to PsychCentral, here are some benefits of silence in your life:

  • lower blood pressure
  • boosts immune system
  • helps the brain cells to reproduce thus increasing learning, remembering & emotions
  • prevents plaque forming in the arteries
  • increases creativity by allowing thoughts & ideas to go where they will
  • increases awareness in self & the environment
  • promotes ability to connect seemingly disconnected threads in life
  • improved sleep patterns

Because we are exposed to so much noise and chaos, intentionally choosing times of silence, like a walk outside, or turning OFF the music inside for a bit, will refresh and renew us in ways that are important and sometimes even unexpected.

I personally love to walk outside, but I hate walking on busy, noisy streets because that defeats my whole purpose for walking. I also both notice and marvel at those people outside, running or walking with earbuds or headphones filling their ears and minds as they go. I realize that people are motivated by different things as they exercise, but I just hope that somewhere in their busy day, that they find time to actually enjoy the recharge that silence brings.

my watch telling me my environment is too loud

Last week, after my AppleWatch upgrade, it started talking to me differently. One of the things it told me was that my environment noise levels were too high and with 30 minutes of exposure at this level, hearing damage could occur.


” I have begun to realize that you can listen to silence and learn from it. It has a quality and a dimension all it’s own.”

Chaim Potok

“The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.”

Take some time to get outside, find a workout without music, or sit on the patio for a bit. All I am saying is, give peace a chance.

Cheer to you,



This week, my husband and I joined a few friends and a thousand plus others in Pasadena, at the Ambassador Auditorium for a Let Us Worship event. It was personally exhilatarting, inspiring and empowering and I left knowing quite certainly, that those gathered there that night were being released into the world as ambassadors.

Ambassador Auditorium, Pasadena CA

And so, my mind began to wonder, “What is the job and responsibility of an ambassador?”. So guess what I studied??

Den and I

I think most of us are aware that in every country there are those who have the job of being an ambassador. They are living in a country, not their own, doing something for their home counrtry, but more than that, we barely care about or understand, right?

Let me give you some basic bullets for understanding a US ambassador: (1)

  • highest ranking representative of the US to a foreign country
  • his/her responsibility is to protect and promote US interests to the world
  • cannot override a foreign countries legal system
  • but can make sure American’s receive all rights they are entitled to
  • work long, hard hours, in remote and dangerous locations
  • in a crisis, the ambassador is the point man for America
  • direct all US government employees, foreign service officers & representatives of American agencies
  • building goodwill with government and civilian’s is an important duty
  • Benefits/perks –
  • a paid full time staff, free housing, body guards, car & driver, expense account, healthcare & retirement, diplomatic immunity

We are further told that an effective ambassador will possess these skills:

  • strong leader
  • good manager
  • resilient
  • negotiator
  • respected representative

When Joe Biden took office as President, as prescribed by Article II of the Constitution, one of his duties was to appoint ambassadors. He had 190 appointments, ranging from Albania to Zimbabwe, to submit to Congress for approval. In some ambassador posts, there are twenty-seven federal agencies that work with the embassy staff. So, to receive the appointment of an ambassador is a weighty responsibility.

” We are ambassadors for Christ… who carry the message of Christ to the world, as though God were tenderly pleading with them directly through our lips.”

2 Corinthians 5:20 ESV, TPT

I marvel, that Almighty God would choose us lowly humans to both carry the life of Jesus within us and to then trust us to best represent that same powerful and loving Jesus to the world. What weak and faulty vessels we are, to contain such a treasure and bear such a responsibility. Yet, that is exactly what God has purposed for those of us who claim Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

If that’s you, consider:

  • YOU are the highest ranking representative of God’s kingdom, on Earth
  • it is not only your responsibility to represent Kingdom values and interests in the world, but to protect and promote them as well
  • you are bound by the laws of your country, but you are also responsible to see that your countrymen know their rights in God’s kingdom
  • your ambassador post will demand long, hard and sometimes dangerous hours & locations
  • be ready when crisis’ come, because people will be looking to you to lead and advise
  • building goodwill, helping people see that God is good and loving is an important part of your daily duty

I wish that I could promise you a full time salary, staff and all those other perks, but I am confident that your reward in heaven will far surpass those earthly benefits.

The US Ambassador’s flag

In the same way that no person could adequately reflect the fullness and greatness of the American Constitution with it’s values, and the freedom loving way of life, no human can adequately represent the Kingdom of God on Earth. And yet, we do our best to live up to our honorable appointment and express to others the amazing life that we live on Earth but also the joyous expectation that we have as citizens of heaven.

As His ambassadors, we allow God’s love and words to tenderly plead with them through our lips.

What an honor. What a joy. What a responsibility.

To be His ambassadors.

Cheers to you,


  1. Benefits and Duties of US Ambassador, Thomas Metculf, 5/17

Why Presidents?

Mount Rushmore

The History Files 2.21.22

It has been so since February of 1789, when George Washington was elected the very first President of the United States of America. Elected on February 4, and sworn in on April 30, he had been elected as prescribed by the newly fashioned Constitution.

Washington’s inaguration in NY

This Constitution, which was the upgrade to the previous Articles of Confederation that “governed” this baby nation, established three separate, but equal branches of government, which would oversee our nation- the Judical, the Legislative, and the Executive branch, that would be headed by one, “Executive, a President”.

George Washington, born February 22, 1732, was elected in the first free election of any democratic nation. Having served first as a British subject in the army that stood within this fledgling nation, then after disenchantment with Britian, as the leader of the Continental Army in the ensuing American Revolution.

He had proved a strong and fearless leader during the French and Indian War, where it is reported that he dodged bullets and had horses shot out from under him. Having a reputation for coolness under fire and self discipline, his men loved and respected him and willing followed him. He was even taken prisoner by the French at one time. And although in his wartime efforts he led nearly as many loosing battles as he won, he stood out as an exemplary officer.

It is of no wonder then, that when the electors voted for president in 1789, he was the overwhelming selection.

He was very aware, as the first president of setting precedents for future presidents. He tried to unify the politicians and expressed hatred for the political parties of the day. He often argued with others about what image the president should maintain, but held to his firm conviction that he should display dignity and humility.

He served our country for two terms (8 years) and then retired to his beloved Mount Vernon, VA, where he once again enjoyed rural life and even started a whisky distillery. It was there that he died on December 14, 1799.

His home, Mount Vernon
His bedroom at Mount Vernon, where he died

It was the Sixth Congress that commissioned a eulogy to remember him as –

“First in war. First in peace. First in the hearts of his countrymen.”

George Washingtion’s eulogy

In 1800, celebrating Washington’s birthday each year was a way to remember him and by 1879 it had become law, but only in D.C. Then, in 1885 it expanded to the whole country. Washington’s birthday was added to Christmas, New Year’s Day, July 4 and Thanksgiving as federal holidays. But it was the first to honor the life of an individual.

Then along came the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act” which was passed in 1968. This act of Congress shifted Washington’s birthday to President’s Day and more Monday holidays. The act sought to encourage workers and reduce absenteeism while boosting retail sales.

It added Lincoln’s 2/12 birthday to the Monday remembrance, and both Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthdays were remembered the third Monday in February. It then became President’s Day.

That act also shifted Columbus Day, Memorial Day and Verterans Day to Monday’s. Veterans day took lots of criticism in the move and was eventually moved back to 11.11 for it’s celebration of our veterans.

Here’s why honoring President’s Day should matter to you.

Whether or not you hang a flag, or celebrate in some patriotic way is not the point. (to me, anyway) There are times when citizens of our great nation must show their respect for the nation and the ones who have paved the way for our greatness by their foresight, through their sacrifices, commitment, and courage. It is the duty of we, the people.

We cannot only take from this nation, it is our responsibility to give back, honor, respect, gratitude, and show patriotism. Whether or not we agree with all of it’s issues, as American’s we choose to salute the flag and those that gave of their sacred honor to defend it. Those like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

May ALL of our presidents receive the honor, dignity and esteem they deserve, simply by virture of the office they hold (or held). They are not just citizens, they are presidents of these United States.

Engage in partiotism,


Blessed is the One Who is Not Offended by Me

Jesus spoke these words to His disciples in Luke 7:23, and I believe He is speaking them to us in these days as well.

Jesus was being Jesus, healing people of diseases, plagues and evil spirits. He was giving sight to the blind, allowing the lame to walk, lepers were being cleansed, the dead were raising to life, and even the poor were receiving good news.

It was admid these happenings that John the Baptizer sent messengers to ask if Jesus was what they were all looking and hoping for. Smack dab in the middle of miraculous healings, and wondrous miracles, the guy who was s’pose to be preparing the way, was wondering if this was the right guy and the right way.

Jesus response to him was, “You tell me, what do you see and hear happening?” Then Jesus recounted the miracles that were happening:

  • the blind receive their sight
  • the lame walk
  • lepers are cleansed
  • the deaf hear
  • the dead are raised up
  • the poor have heard the good news

And then, He added, “And blessed is the one who is not offended by me.”

Why is this powerful phrase included with the events of the miraculous healings and actions of Jesus?

First, let’s look at what offended in this text means.

“Offended” in the Greek here means:

skandalizo” = a stumbling block, tripped over. Entangled, annoyed, find displeasure, make indignant.”

G 4624 Strong’s Concordance

Could it be that miraculous healings will trip people up? Would some people be annoyed by what Jesus asks them to do for their healing? Would there be those who get angry by the way God does things when healings and demon evictions start happening? Would some dare call healing services and meetings scandalous?

Look at these bible examples before you answer.

  • Naaman the leper- was annoyed that he had to go and dip in the Jordan River. 2 Ki. 5
  • the disciples were trippin’ (offended) that Jesus told them they would eat His flesh. John 6
  • the rich, young, displeased, ruler, turned and walked sadly away. Mat. 19
  • King Herod seized and killed John because John challenged him. (THAT’S anger!) Mt. 14
  • Ananias & Sapphira, entangled in greed, lied about a property cost to keep more of the money. Acts 5
  • The Saducees and Pharaisees were constantly annoyed and angry at Jesus for something that He did or said. The Gospels
  • Paul & Barnabus were threatened by unbelieving Jews who also stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned people’s minds against the brothers. Acts 14
  • Jews mocked the Apostles. Acts 17

So, what say you? Could it be that when God moves that there will be those who are offended?

Lest we shovel the blame out there, on some unsuspecting reader, let’s look within.

If I am being honest, here are some things that God has told me, that I still trip over and sometimes get annoyed with:

  • love & forgive my enemy
  • deny my own way
  • seek Him 1st, not 2nd or 3rd
  • don’t try to figure it out (my own understanding)

If Jesus is Lord of my life and God is ruler of the universe (and they are), then the chances are we are gonna have our wills cross, don’t you think? That is “picking up the cross daily” part of our Christian walk.

But here’s Jesus’ point in the text of Luke 7. Jesus is listing all of these fabulous, life-altering miracles – all of which everybody should be celebrating. Geesh, the lame are walking! The blind just saw his daughter for the first time! The demon possessed woman has been freed and in her right mind! Oh, and that guy won’t be needing his grave just yet, he’s gonna be here a while longer! These are all headlines not only worth noting, but extolling.

And for one last entry, Jesus adds, (my slant), “Don’t get offended and all tripped up or annoyed about the way I heal and perform miracles.” Don’t let the way it happens, or the length of time it takes to happen, or the one’s He uses to make it happen, or even where it happens be considered scandalous by YOU.

Jesus is saying, Don’t allow yourself to be offended by what I do. The way I do it. Who I do it to. Who I use to do it. Where I choose to do it. You wanna know if I’m the one everyone has been looking for and hoping for…?

LOOK AT THE MIRACLES that are happening.

Oh dear reader, call me crazy if you want, but I firmly believe we are living in the days of God’s miraculous. He is still a God who heals, delivers and makes people whole and free. He is moving in miracles, signs and wonders today, and there will be those who are on board and involved with what He is doing, celebrating every healing and sharing it. They are those who are blessed.

And there will be those who are offended and call what God is doing a scandal.

Which group will you be in?


Part of Something Bigger

Yesterday, my L.A. RAMS won the Super Bowl! It was a day and night of celebrations throughout the region. In those interviews that followed with players and coaches, I noticed how many of them attributed their success to “being part of something bigger than myself.” It was astounding to hear it repeated so often and at so many levels of the organization.

Den and I at SoFi (tee hee)

And it got me thinking…

When we have that awareness, that of being part of something bigger than ourselves- our purpose, fulfillment and happiness finds it’s own realization. When we use our part, our giftings, our talents and strengths to better the whole, we obtain personal satisfaction and enjoyment. Especially when working with others who carry that same vision of contributing to the betterment of the whole, but not exclusively. Cuz, let’s face it, we often find ourselves living and working next to ones who are not so inclined, and do not care about contributing to the betterment of anything. They are living only for themselves and their profitability.

I love that the Israelites were all told to bring a half shekel as an offering for the tabernacle- the rich and poor, all had to bring the same thing, their half shekel. Not a whole shekel, a half shekel. Weird.

Could perhaps there be a message here?

Your half is incomplete, only half of what is needed. We can’t do anything on our own, we can only do half. The other half must come from everyone else. Together, we form the whole and can accomplish great things. We are part of something much bigger than ourselves but need what others have as well.

Consider your part, your giftings, your strengths and be faithful to live them out. Are you generous, joyous, positive, humble, patriotic, fiscally sound, wise, a hard worker, insightful, musical, kind? We need you, we need that part, live it, let others see it, share it. Your half is vital and part of something bigger. Don’t hide it.

Go RAMS and go YOU.


A Tale of Two Cities

With grateful acknowledgement to that literary genius, Charles Dickens, I am utilizing the title he first coined, in his 1859 masterpiece, the telling of the French Revolution and Reign of Terror in his, “A Tale of Two Cities“.

In his work of historical fiction, set in the cities of London and Paris, he weaves together social classes and political affiliations to address themes such as injustice, social anarchy, imprisonenment, resurrection and reunification. Using rich characters amid chaos and turbulence, these themes play out with intensity and anticipation.

In that same approach, I would like to draw upon two cities or cultures for comparison, instruction, and insight. Follow with me, if you will.

In these two snapshots from scripture that we will share, we will see clearly the characteristics of the characters living within these cities/cultures. The two cities are as vastly different as the French Revolution and Reign of Terror were, and yet the scriptural pictures painted of these two are also similiar to Paris and London in Dickens’ tale. Again, hang with me and let’s take a look at what I mean.

In the the book of 2 Timothy chapter 3, it tells us, “in the final days the culture of society will become…”, and then this is the pitcure of the characteristics that are portrayed there: (TPT version)

  • extremely fierce
  • self centered
  • obsessed with money
  • boast of great things
  • mock all that’s right
  • ignore their own families
  • ungrateful
  • ungodly
  • addicted to hateful slander
  • slaves to desires
  • ferocious, belligerent haters of what is good & right
  • act without restraint
  • bigoted
  • conceited
  • delight in pleasures
  • pretend to respect God
  • want nothing to do with God’s power
  • 17 in all

Tell me now, couldn’t this be an apt description of our society today?

I would dare say, at least from my viewpoint, that it could run as a literary parallel to Dickens’ reign of terror. Am I off base or out of line?

Regardless, these descriptions represent a society or culture- and in our comparison today, a city. One that displays these characteristics lived out by passionate characters flaunting each one of these base ideas.

This is one city. One type of society. But is it our only hope, our only option? (We are doomed if it is.)

Here though, is another city, society/culture that is also presented in scripture. We find it in Proverbs chapter 11. (TPT version) The players of this society are described as, “flowers in the spring” and here are the earmarks of their city/culture:

  • apply right standards
  • walk in humility
  • led by integrity
  • rich in righteousness
  • good character
  • trusted friendships
  • good counselors
  • wise leadership
  • gracious, generous
  • kindness
  • long-term rewards (not short term gain)
  • whole-hearted (not doubleminded)
  • longing to please God
  • social conscience
  • seeking other’s good
  • loving God
  • wise
  • 17 in all, humph?! Coincidence?
The Revolution (French)

Wouldn’t this be the prefered society? Isn’t this a culture that would garner the favor of every social class and political affiliation? (like Dickens’ did) Isn’t this the society in which we would see peoples reunited, see justice served and anarchy toppled? C’mon, now?!

And to top it off, in the tale of this city, is the promise of:

” The blessing that rests on the righteous releases strength and favor to the entire city.”

Proverbs 11:10 TPT

“The blessing of favor resting upon the righteous influences a city to lift it higher.”

Proverbs 11:11 TPT

The frosting on this cake is, that upon this second city, culture/society, where these characteristics are demonstrated by its populous, God promises to release strength, blessing, favor and influence.

You see, the one who can bridle themself to please God and be fruitful in the ways listed above, will be like a flower in the spring. And imagine hundreds of likeminded people, doing the same thing. We would have a beautiful, fragrant garden/city/culture that is flourishing under the blessing of God and growing in rich relationships with others around them.

You my friend, are one of those flowers.

“But the lovers of God rise up like flowers in the spring.

Proverbs 11:28 TPT

Germination has been activated and the time of your flowering has begun. Our cities will begin to reflect the beauty of flowering characters, who are demonstrating humility, integrity, generosity, kindness, wisdom, social conscience, and longing to please God.

Revolution or reign of terror.

Indeed, we have before us a tale of two cities; but our overwhelming choice is the culture of a garden of flowers in the spring.

God bless your blooming and your city.