Month: June 2021

No Happy Birthday

The Asaph Files- Collected and shared because you need to know

I confess, there are hot button issues in our society that I shy away from speaking out about, mainly because I don’t want to step on toes or offend.

The time has come on one now and I cannot and will not keep silent.

This time, I speak out of a strong conviction in my Spirit and by God’s Word. Burning in my heart are these words,

“Go and rescue the perishing! Be their savior! Why would you stand back and watch them stagger to their death? And why would you say, “But it’s none of my business”? The one who knows you completely and judges your every motive is also the keeper of souls- and not just yours! He sees through your excuses and holds you responsible for failing to help those whose lives are threatened.”

Proverbs 24:11-12

Abortion is my business. Those lives that are being threatened are my business. Those lives that are perishing are my business. Why do I stand back and make excuses? God is holding me responsible.

For 619,591 unborn Americans in 2018, there was no happy birthday, because their lives were brutally taken away before given the opportunity to celebrate their birth.

Stats from the CDC
From the CDC

Yes, I realize that not all births are celebrations, but for those minimal numbers, why is death the chosen option?

Too many rationalize that early in pregnancy the “baby” is not viable, and cannot live outside the womb without assistance. Therefore it should not even be identified as a baby yet. A ball of cells, embryonic, or fetal, these lives are being threatened and snatched from us and robbed of their right to live.

Additionally, I am actually pro-choice, (sort of). Ladies, you do have a choice what you do with your body. So choose to use birth control. Abortion should not be considered a birth control option. Your choice will affect the new life you conceive, and then it is no longer just your body, it is theirs too. You are responsible for that new life so choose wisely.

America is complicit is this practice and her laws and policies have allowed it and even allowed for monetary benefit to come from it. This is disgusting!

The abortion industry in America is a 1.3 billion dollar industry with $530 million coming from government funding according to Wikipedia.

And that, dear reader, is not the worst part about abortion funds and money making schemes!

Recent documents have revealed the fees being charged for those aborted body parts, organs and tissues for research. Yes! Aborted baby parts are being sold and used in research. What kind of humans have we become?

Recently obtained documents from the FDA received by a FOIA request.
“Price list” for aborted baby parts

There is big business and the demand for these “items” is outweighing the supply.

Here is just one request, in writing!

The research being done is not always in the best interest of humanity either, as seen by this document.

Folks, this is inhumane! This is barbaric! Have we become so desensitized that we cannot feel this atrocity anymore? How are we any different from the Nazi’s in those German labs, experimenting on fetal tissues? Tell me!?

If you have never investigated the types of abortions available, how they’re done and the details of what happens to that baby, (and Mother) you should.

I taught Sex Ed in Middle School and could barely scratch the surface of the dismemberment and torture performed in the womb in each type of abortion. I even had a girl faint in class during one lesson. I am not kidding! It is gruesome.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is murder, because God says at conception is when life begins. At conception is when He begins to form us in the womb. At conception is when the plans and purposes he has had for us from eternity begin to been seen finally, here on earth. His will in heaven, for us to be born, is being done on Earth.

Our soul and spirit are alive at conception and soon thereafter our body develops until it is our birthday!

For millions though, there has been no happy birthday.

And that is our business. We must keep silent no longer. Tell everyone.


Post script-

the scars left on the mother’s who choose abortion are permanent and deep. But so too is the forgiveness of a loving Heavenly Father who offers love, healing, and forgiveness to all who seek it.

Contender or Pretender

Sunday sermon 6.26.21

I remember times in my life when I decidedly committed myself to being a true contender. Bear with me as I list some:

  • Young softball pitcher
  • 16 year old female table tennis champion
  • Award winning French Horn student
  • Champion drum major
  • Honors college student
  • Ace volleyball server
  • SUP 10Ker

In each of these stages, my focus, energy, effort, thoughts and time was (mostly) willingly given to improving, becoming stronger, better, more accurate and fluid in what I was contending for.

Training, discipline, and a long term goal, pushed aside laziness, discouragement and cheap talk. I was purposed to contend and be the best I could in an effort to win the prize.

If you’re looking to be a contender, your daily decisions are what put you on the road to that prize, not your words.

Contenders and pretenders look alike on the surface, but it is their actions that set them apart.

Pretenders take the path of least resistance, while contenders take disciplined training and overcome. There’s no achieving that championship belt by sitting quietly and watching others in the ring.

Pretenders allow laziness to take over and then the comfort zone anchors them in.

Here’s why it matters, whether you are a contender or pretender…

“… I felt the need to challenge you to vigorously defend and contend for the beliefs that we cherish.”

Jude 3

Judah, was Jesus’ half brother and it is he that is speaking here. He was writing to the early believers because he wanted to challenge them to contend for the things that Jesus had taught them. Fight for them, for their truth, for their preeminence, for their validity. He was calling them to be contenders for the faith not pretenders.

No words of the Bible could be any truer today. Judah is calling to us, to remind us to contend for the beliefs we cherish, not become lazy and allow them to slip from our minds, lives, and national awareness.

Contend, with the same discipline as an athlete for Christian beliefs that are under attack. Focus on them, exercise with them, spur with others- as an athlete and true contender for the faith, not just some lazy “Christian”.

Here is a quick list I made of Christian messages that are under attack:

  • God as creator
  • All are created equal and in God’s image
  • God loves all mankind
  • The Bible is his word and divinely inspired
  • The inerrancy of the bible
  • There is truth and there is absolute truth
  • There is life after death lived in heaven or hell for everyone
  • Right and wrong
  • Power and freedom come from God not government
  • Marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman
  • The church is God’s institution designed to execute God’s will on earth
  • Life begins at conception

We are told to contend for these beliefs! Judah tells us to vigorously defend these!

What are we doing Christians?

We cannot allow the influences of this society to sweep away these beliefs that we cherish!

Who’s winning? Are you contending for the faith?

Think too about the values and beliefs brought to this nation by our founding fathers. We must not let them slip or be retaught guised in lies. This is serious.

I can’t help it, what are we doing?

Are you a contender or a pretender?

Go with God,



This word and concept keeps popping up all around us. 51% of Americans are now using some form of contactless payment. We use it at:

  • The grocery store 85%
  • The Pharmacy 39%
  • Retail stores 38%
  • Fast foods 36%
  • On public transit 9%

Are you part of the 51%?

We are being told by economists that there is a consumer shift occurring leveraging contactless products.

How many of us used delivery of foods, and products during the lockdown that we normally would not have?

Pretty much this contactless shift happened due to the desire toward cleanliness. “Let’s do as much as possible without touching”, seemed to be the driving force.

Unfortunately, after 16 months of conditioning and shifting thinking, it is not only our payment methods that have become contactless.

“Social Distancing” has become a fear of close contact with other humans for way too many. It appears that we may be developing into a contactless society with nobody touching or talking closely in public.

Touch plays a very important role in human development. We are social beings and herd driven. Our brains are built to socialize. Lack of consistent human contact leads to:

  • Conflict with others
  • Risk of heart disease
  • Risk of stroke
  • Rise of blood pressure
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Leads to balance problems

We all want to be alone sometimes. But not all the time. We do not really want to be contactless.

Michael Bond tells us that, “When people are isolated from human contact, their mind can do truly bizarre things.”

Studies on sensory deprivation have been done as far back as the 1950’s, when word was the Chinese were using it to brainwash American POW’s in the Korean War.

In the landmark study done by Donald Herb, professor of Psychology at Montreal’s McGill University , he sought to see how sensory isolation affects human cognition. His theory, the brain would deteriorate if it didn’t have a continue stream of sensory input.

He had hoped to study his volunteers for months. Most candidates never made it a week. It was so brutal, as to the level of sensory clamps they were put through. Here though are some of their findings-

  • Temporary mental impairment
  • Poor performance on arithmetic, word association and pattern regcognition
  • Restless, childish emotional responses
  • Vivid hallucinations

He concludes, “depriving a man of sensory input will break him in days.”

His colleagues noted, “ the mind unravels when we are truly on our own. Isolation is physically bad for us.”

Here are my thoughts, dear reader- our brains have been trying to break free from the foolishness and restrictions of Covid, from the isolation, fear, worry and contactless- ness. Our brains are wired for contact, socialization, conversation and human interaction.

So let me encourage you to intentionally make plans with friends. Intentionally plan a coffee time, or lunch date, maybe a hike or long walk. Purpose to make contact with someone each week.

Let’s be gone with this contactless nonsense when it comes to our personal relationships and mental health.

We truly need each other, and maybe even a HUG.

Here’s to contact,


Everything You Could Ever Need

Sunday Sermon 6.19.21

What if you were promised everything you could ever need would be given to you?

Add to that the promise of always being productive and useful.

But wait, that’s not all, top it off with you will never fall away.

I was struck this week with these three superlatives.

And my thoughts went something like, “ I am being promised everything I could ever need, in a useful and productive life, that will last forever… what kind of fool would say no to this offer?” Fully realizing there were countless numbers doing just that and I too have refused the offer or at least parts of it at times.

Here’s the context.

Peter, the walker on water, cutting off the ear, denier, disciple wrote these promises in his second letter, and first chapter.

There, in verse 3 he says,

“Everything we could ever need in life and godliness has been given to us.”

2 Pet. 1:3

Wait, whaaat? I already have everything I could ever need???

Peter says yes!

How is that so?

Pete tells us that when we come to know Jesus, in Him, we find and have everything we will ever need for life and godliness.

Why do we fight so hard against living a spiritual life? Why do we think we know better and God’s way isn’t enough? Why do we think living for Jesus is hard and boring and not for us?

Getting to know Jesus, spending time with Him, talking to Him, listening to Him, reading His word IS everything we could ever need. In HIM, knowing Him, is where we find all we need. In Him is where we find all we need for our life and living godly.

Peter calls this, “the rich experience of knowing Him.” This is the foundation for everything; our needs, hopes, questions, desires… the experience of knowing Him is vast, deep, precious, enlightening, puzzling, amazing, fearful and beautiful all at the same time. All we need is found in Him.

What kind of fool would say no to this offer?

Peter goes on to say,

“If you possess these qualities they will keep you from being inactive and unproductive”

2 Pet. 1:8

What qualities? Are they something unrealistic, hard to do, out of reach?

These are the qualities he lists: faith, goodness, understanding, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mercy and love.

Are they unrealistic? Are they impossible and out of our reach to display and practice in your life?

The promise is if we possess these qualities, they will keep us from being inactive and unproductive.

They are not unrealistic qualities if we are enjoying the experience of knowing Him. If we are in touch with Him, His Word and voice, these qualities should be abounding in our life. If we are out of step with Him, chances are pretty good these qualities will be lacking and so too our productiveness.

Check it, though. If we possess these qualities, we will not be inactive or unproductive. Wow.

What kind of fool would say no to this offer?

The final trifecta promise is you will never fall away. Never! Think of that. Never stumble. This of course is speaking spiritually. Stumbling spiritually is falling down, tripping up.

What’s the prerequisite for this NEVER stumble promise?

“If you do these things you will never stumble.”

2 Pet. 1:10

What things? So, what things, exactly do I need to do?

The things listed above-

  1. Knowing Him
  2. Possess those 8 qualities

If we are in relationship knowing Him and those 8 qualities are springing from our life, we will never stumble. We will be secure.

Isn’t that so true? Haven’t you found that when you are NOT in relationship with Him and some or all of these 8 qualities are absent from your life, you trip up all over the place?

Why do we fight so hard against living a spiritual life? In it we have all we need, we are active and productive and we won’t trip up!??

In our relationship with Jesus, we have everything we could ever need.

What kind of fool would say no to this offer?

Go with God.


What is Juneteenth?

The History Files

You’ve probably seen it appear on your calendar, heard about it on the news and now seen it signed into law as a national holiday. So, just what exactly is Juneteenth?

Short for “June 19”, it basically memorializes the end of slavery in the United States.

June 19, 1865 marks the day when federal troops showed up in Galveston, Texas to seize control of the state (Texas was a southern, Confederate state in the Civil War that had just ended two months earlier) and see to it that the enslaved people were indeed freed.

The Civil War had raged from 1961-1865, until Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered in Virginia, in April of 1865.

During that time, President Abraham Lincoln had signed The Emancipation Proclamation that freed all enslaved peoples in the Confederate south. (They were already free in the Northern states, that was a big reason for the Civil War.) This freedom was not enacted however, due to obvious disagreements.

When the war ended, two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, enslaved peoples were still relatively unaffected. It was then, that General Gordon Granger entered Galveston, Texas and read General Orders No. 3:

“The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.”

General Orders No. 3

From that day, Texas’ 250,000 enslaved peoples were free. In some places celebrations broke out immediately, in others, even that news was withheld until after the harvest. Nonetheless, Juneteenth had been born.

Early Juneteenth celebrations

It was in December of 1865 that the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was adopted that formally and forever abolished slavery in the United States.

Juneteenth, also called Jubilee Day, is celebrated with barbques, parades, prayers, music and other activities.

Texas became the first state to make Juneteenth an official holiday and today, President Joe Biden signed it into law marking Juneteenth a national holiday.

Cheers to you.


The Red, White and Blue

Why we celebrate Flag Day, June 14
The History Files

It was first carried into battle at the Battle of Brandywine on September 11, 1777, and first saluted by foreign naval vessels February 14, 1778 when John Paul Jones arrived in the French port.

Brandywine Flag

Since then, it has sailed around the world, gone to the moon and Mars, flown on fields of battle and marked resting places.

Our Old Glory is the most recognized and respected flag in the world.

In June of 1775 the Continental Congress had gathered together to form a unifying continental army and needed a unifying symbol, because our fight for liberty began with each colony fighting under their own flag. That led to the creation of the first American flag, “The Continental Colors”. With it’s 13 red and white altering stripes and Union Jack, it was too similar to the British flag, and George Washington realized it was not good.

George Washington did not approve

On June 14, 1777 a resolution was passed stating that the US flag would be one of 13 red and white stripes, with the union being a blue field with 13 white stars.

Although Betsey Ross has traditionally been credited with making our first flag, there is lack of evidence to support it.

Flag Day recognizes and celebrates the adoption of our flag by the Continental Congress on June 14, 1777.

There have been 27 versions of the flag, but the colors have remained, red, white, and blue. The colors selected by our founding fathers were chosen to not just be visually nice but meaningful.

  • Red- hardiness, valor (not blood)
  • White- purity, innocence
  • Blue- vigilance, perseverance, & justice

It was a Wisconsin school teacher, Bernard Cigrand that originated the flag day celebrations at his school in 1885. He also was the first to petition Congress to call for national celebration of flag day.

President Wilson, in 1916 along with President Coolidge in 1927 issued proclamations asking for June 14 to be observed as National Flag Day. It was not until August 3, 1949 however, when Congress, under President Truman signed it into law.

Since that time, Congress has passed The Flag Protection Act of 1968 which states that it is illegal to burn or deface the flag. Additionally, there is a Flag Code which spells out rules for proper handling and displaying of the US flag. The overwhelming context presents that “the American flag shall be shown no disrespect and should not be dipped.” (Lowered)

America is one of 195 countries on the planet, each with their own flag, history and traditions. But this is the story of my flag, our American banner of freedom, honor, courage, pride, and patriotism.

Long may she wave, long may we see her proudly standing through the rockets red glare. Long may her beauty and freedom inspire generations toward patriotism, unity and service.

Long may our Red, White, and Blue stand “o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

Cheers to you.



Sunday Sermon 6.12.21

I am stirred with the idea of honor. Perhaps it’s because we see so little of it today or maybe because I just had a wonderful reminder of it’s value.

The Oxford dictionary defines it as,

“High respect, great esteem”

It is said that, “ It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.”

In these days, it’s difficult to find those who honor men much less titles. I would venture to say that never has there been a culture with less honor and respect than our current one. Whether it be for titles or men.

When I reread George Washington’s Rules of Civility that he wrote at the ripe old age of 14, I again am reminded of how different our culture is from the 18th Century. Look at two of his 110 rules of civility.

Letting others go first and not speaking loudly was good manners and honoring them
Humming & singing to yourself around others and tapping with your fingers and feet around others was impolite and displayed dishonor to those around you

His other “rules of civility” are very specific and all aimed at honoring and respecting others and curtailing personal behaviors in deference to others.

Oh my, how our world has changed!

When we choose to show honor, we are giving to that one the fixed price that they have earned by reason of their rank or their state or office. We are choosing to defer attention and recognition from ourselves, and rather offer humble respect to them.

This may be by our actions, like listening to and obeying someone else’s wishes; or with our words, like calling them by Ms. Debbie, or Officer.

Oh, how our actions and our words are so often lacking the honor that belongs there.

There are people in our lives who have earned our honor. They don’t ask for it, (usually), they may not even admit they deserve it, but we owe it to them.

Have we trained our kids to show honor to them? Have we modeled how to express and display honor to those who by reason of their position have earned it, even if their personal behavior is less than we find acceptable?

Do we “give honor to whom honor is due” ? Romans 13:7

Scripture is clear about this.

Just this week I tripped over this statement –

“ … try to outdo yourselves in respect and honor for one another.”

Romans 12:10

Imaging that? A competition honoring people???!!!

“I honored 5 people so far today”, another responded, “ Way to go, I’m at 15 and Jim said he’s over 30!”.

Can you imagine the eventual impact? George Washington would be so proud, not to mention Jesus!

We are actually given the directive to “outdo” each other.

I say, let’s go for it! Are you in?

In days gone by, we honored:

  • Hard work
  • Those older than ourselves
  • Those in the military
  • Police, sherif and the like
  • Office holders
  • Mothers and fathers
  • Teachers
  • Those in authority

Let’s be reminded of these things deserving of our honor in the Bible:

  • God 1 Tim. 1:17
  • Father and Mother Ex. 20:22
  • Marriage Heb. 13:4
  • Rulers, leaders Rom. 13
  • Everyone 1 Pet. 2:17

That should keep us busy, right? Is there really anyone exempt of deserving our honor?

In closing, I’d like to honor my husband, still overflowing from his 75th birthday celebration we had last night.

Living 75 years is worth not only celebrating but honoring. And that is the conversation he and I had prior to planning his party. He didn’t really want a party and I sorta insisted that I, along with his friends wanted to honor him.

Honoring those who deserve honor is within all of our power and sometimes we have to insist.

Let’s outdo one another in showing honor and let’s start at home.

Den and our dear friend Lorine
More dear friends- Becca, me, Den and Paul
Precious church family

Go with God.