Month: January 2020

Is it time for a tune up?

This week we finally got our piano tuned and it got me thinking about how we use “tune up” and it’s related phrases in our language and life. Here are the ones that quickly came to mind.

  • car tune up
  • we tune in (to a program) or
  • we tune out
  • we try to get in tune with ( with someone or a way of thinking)
  • we change our tune
  • an instrument is in tune or
  • out of tune

Can you think of others?

There were two “lessons” that came to me during our piano tuning process.

piano tuning

Standard – there is always a standard for the tuning. In music the standard is tuning to A-440. For car tune ups, the standard is the manufacturers code, for radio/tv frequencies there are specific “fixed frequencies” in hertz. Even if we are attempting to get in tune with someone or some thing – that person or thing is the standard we are seeking to adapt to.

Accommodation – THIS one surprised me! Our piano man told us that the piano was going to be tuned low, to A-427. (That’s 13 degrees below “standard”) He said, there would be too much tension on the strings and hammers and some would possibly snap if we went too high. “The stress would be too great.” So, it is a perfectly normal practice to tune all 88 keys, in tune with one another, but to 427. The piano would be “in tune”, but to an accommodated standard. (Down the line, he said we would get another tuning to bring it up to 440.)

Application of “my lessons”:

There is and ought to be a standard in our lives for tuning, adjusting, configuring our thoughts, attitudes, ideas, beliefs, etc. It is what we should strive for – The Standard.

However, God has no interest in having us snap and live in constant tension under the stress of reaching for what appears to be an unattainable standard at this time. So He, in His grace, allows accommodations for us. For this time and space in our life, He allows for “baby steps” in our tuning. Smaller degrees of change that will eventually lead to “living up to the standard”. So we can be in tune, and still not up to standard. The standard is our goal, and will always be this side of heaven. But to be in tune now is what is attainable, needed and up to us.

What’s your standard? What accommodations are needed? Is it time for a tune up?

Cheers to you.

Den, trying it out

Bust Loose

My theme for the start of 2020 has been “Bust loose”, or put another more active way, “Bustin loose”.

Although I don’t often reference The Urban Dictionary, I will here. Bust loose means, ” to lose ones temper in a surprising & entertaining way, exhibiting courage & testiness that clearly proves one’s status as a non-sissy.” (I exchanged “sissy” for the less crass word they used.)

SO here’s my take-away: It’s time to get down right angry at the things that have bound us up and bust loose in an entertaining and surprising way. Prove to God and the world you are not a sissy, or whimp. It’s time to BUST LOOSE.

From whatever is holding you back
From your longstanding fears
From those things (or that thing) that has tied you up
From the shame of the past
From mediocracy and the rut of familiar

” Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.”

Galatians 5:1

Cheers to you

Your Voice

Your voice is important. No one else can speak with your voice.

Your voice is as distinguishing as your fingerprint and your DNA. Your voice is uniquely you. It is determined by the finely tuned working of your specifically designed lungs, larynx, vocal folds, and 19 other points between those folds and your lips. The custom shapes of all of those parts of your body make your voice uniquely – your voice. You are an engineering masterpiece.

“Voice” is defined as:

  • a sound produced…
  • a particular opinion or attitude
  • to express something in words

Your metaphorical voice is as unique as your physical voice. The way you express yourself, speak truth, is to be like no one else – unique. Your metaphorical voice is based on your experiences, your values, beliefs, and your perspective. Expressing your voice is vital. Expressing your voice is more important than being heard. Of course, we want to be heard, but finding your voice should not be dependent on someone to hear it.

Recent studies have shown that “the human voice is more powerful a tool for expressing emotion than previously assumed.” The Human Voice Can Communicate 24 Emotions (UC Berkeley), awe, adoration, interest, sympathy, and embarrassment to name a few.

An Israeli company, “VoiceSense”, in a recent article entitled, “Mining Secrets in Your Voice” declares,

“Give us someone’s voice, and we’ll tell you what they will do.”

There is evidence that there are personal insights contained in our own speech. Insights that reveal emotions and tendencies to act. Your voice is highly personal and hard to fake the emotions behind it.

So what’s the point here?

You were given your uniquely designed voice – physical and metaphorical. No one can use it. No one controls it. No one knows what personal insights your voice will reveal. It’s yours alone. Finding and using your voice is key to freedom, value, purpose, healing and happiness.

And best of all, The Creator designed your voice and gave it to you because He wants to hear it. He is listening for your voice.

Your voice is unique.

Cheers to you.

Awaken 2020

I was there!

Tempe, AZ

January 18, 2020

There are times when you just know you gotta do this. You can’t let it pass, you can’t procrastinate, put it off, or ignore it.

This was one of those times for me and my husband. And it did not disappoint!

We heard fantastic preachers, songs, and leaders from all over the nation. We met others who were driven by the same desire to be a part of this. We were stirred, challenged, ignited and I trust forever changed. (on the inside)

I believe when “I gotta do this” opportunities are met with “nothing’s gonna stop me” determination, forever change is a forgone conclusion. Persistence pays off. Reward comes with risk. And there is no greater feeling of achievement, gratification, fulfillment, purpose, and contentment.

What is YOUR “I gotta do this”? Let this be the time you DO IT. The reward is amazing!

Jumping in, going for it.
Eddie James and his team were phenomenal

Perspective is everything

Sometimes the way we take what we hear is wrong. Our interpretation is off. Sometimes we are in need of rehearing it, through a different filter, with a different perspective.

Sometime ago a decision was made regarding me that was shocking. Life altering and affected every area of my life. I was told, “we’re letting you go”.

If you’ve ever heard those words, you know. It knocks the breath out of you. Especially with no previous indicators!

And if you haven’t, then you can imagine. (And give thanks.)

That statement played over and over for months in my head. My emotions were wrecked. I was stunned. Hurt. And so much more.

Until I heard those words through a different filter. Until I processed them differently. Until another perspective dawned on me.

It was time for me to go. My time there was up. There was another direction for me to go in. That place was releasing me into something else. I needed to go that new direction. (Whether I wanted to or not at the time.)

It was time to GO. I was being let go. Go, Debbie. Now is the time to go.


That perspective changed my life again and for so much good.

Words are powerful. So too, is our interpretation of them.

Be encouraged, that even when the most shocking words are hurled at you, our perception of them is key. Listen yes, but in time ask yourself and reevaluate “what was really said?”

Cheers you you.

My First Blog Post

The First Step

Leaving the safety of the comfort zone.

I’m taking the hardest step. The big step. The FIRST step.

That FIRST STEP is the one that always comes with the most anxiety, trepidation, and reward. It’s time to write. Share. Encourage. Teach. This is the year. This is a new era.

I’ve chosen to leave the comfort zone and to experience the reward of risk and fulfillment of purpose. Because if not now, when?

Join me and take that first step into the great unknown of opportunity, possibility, reward and fulfillment.

Here we GO!