One thought on “Shame

  1. Dennis Chaney

    Very nice and encouraging to hear truth spoken on the topic of shame. Many Christians carry shame for several years after they become a Believer. Why is that? It would seem that some Believer’s still find it difficult understand that we serve a God who can forgive us of our sins when we can not forgive ourselves. For other Believers shame becomes a “banner” held up high to let others know how wounded they are and seek comfort the endless prayers of others and times of weeping asking God to forgive us when God has already forgiven us of our most grievous acts of sin. There has to be a point in time when a Believer can truly live a victorious life without being burdened with the past of sins already forgiven. There are a lot of souls wanting to live a victorious life in Jesus – many of the souls are waiting to hear your own personal testimony of how you have over come shame and now live a victorious life.

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