2 Christmas Time Births – a Voice and a Savior

I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas, this 2022.

During this wonderful season of Christmas I’d like to encourage you with three thoughts from that very first Christmas.

#1 Mary and Joseph lived in the days of Herod the Great. He was a cruel puppet king over Judea who brutally killed family, friends and foes indiscriminately. The land feared his edicts, and were severly oppressed by his unfair taxes and decrees. It was not “Happy Days” living during this time.

#2 Zechariah and Elizabeth, childless priests, were told they would give birth to John the Baptist – the voice. Thinking that they were beyond the age of being birthing parents, nevertheless, they bore a son named John, who grew as a prophet and became the voice pointing to Jesus.

#3 Mary, the young, favored and overshadowed virgin, was chosen to bring forth the Savior of the world. With questions in her troubled heart and mind, her response to the angel was to allow the Holy Spirit to empower her to bring forth what had been planted within her.

What this means to you, today:

#1 These days that we live in are wrought with fear, oppression, increased taxes and ungodly decrees. And if we were to look only at the rulers in the political arenas it would be easy to grow weary and become discouraged. But like Mary & Joesph’s days, this is the exact time that God will bring forth good from evil, light from darkness, a voice and the Savior.

#2 Alive right now, are many godly believers/priests who have yet to see the fulfillment of the promises that God has spoken to them. They are ripe now and ready to bring forth their promised VOICE to the world. The roaring voice from deep within them, that of a lion, pointing to Jesus – the way. This is a season of the release of the VOICE of the people of God.

#3 The seemingly impossible circumstanes you face, the troubled heart and questioning mind within you will all be overshadowed by the power of the Holy Spirit. That power will ignite to life the seed of the Heavenly Father within you and produce the Savior – Jesus. YOU, will burst forth, with the life of Jesus and you will share that life with those in your world.

You see, Christmas time is the season of darkness and oppression that produces a voice in that wilderness that points to Jesus, the only Savior of the world.

Are you a voice pointing to Jesus or are you a carrier of Jesus? Both are birthed at Christmas time.

Merry Christmas,


One thought on “2 Christmas Time Births – a Voice and a Savior

  1. Andrew

    Very nice reminder and encouragement for this Christmas season. I am hoping and praying this will be a time of exceptional revelations and meanings for all mankind throughout the Earth. I am anticipating angelic visitations, not as a one time experience, but many visitations that will cause mankind and sleeping Christians to wake up.
    the year 2023 is going to be a year filled with “signs and wonders”.

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