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Calling Out Those Who are Called to Carry

This message is really one in a series of messages the Lord highlighted to me while reading the book of Numbers. In the first six chapters there, each chapter begins with this phrase –

The Lord spoke to Moses…”

Numbers 1:1; 2:1; 3:1; 4:1; 5:1; 6:1 ESV

So I thought, if the Lord is speaking, what is He saying here and how can it be for us too? We better listen up and get on board. (Don’t you talk to yourself that way when you read the Bible? :-))

So here’s the deal.

I fully understand that we are “under Grace” and the New Covenant of Jesus blood and redemption. I understand that Jesus fulfilled all the law. I get it. But I also understand that there are truths for us, within these seemingly obscure Old Testament stories, practices, laws and observances. So hear me out.

A quick backstory of Numbers 4. In this chapter, the Kohathites, one of the three sons of Levi (the priest & therefore his family were all priests) are being assigned their priestly duties. Their job was to cover and carry the “most holy things”.

this is the service of the sons of Kohath: the most holy things.”

Numbers 4:4

After listing everything that they were to cover and expressly how to cover it, it says this –

…the sons of Kohath shall come to carry (1) these… These are the things of the tent of meeting that the sons of Kohath are to carry (2).”

Numbers 4:15
Kohathites carrying the Ark of the Covenant

Ok, so they’re s’pose to carry furniture, big deal, so what, you may be thinking.

In fact, they are not just carrying furniture, and the most holy furniture at that. There are two different words for “carry” used in that last verse. Stay with me.

In the first usage, it means “to lift, accept, advance, aid. Burden bearer, honor.” (H5375) So it is clear that the Kohath family of priests were to literally, physically lift and carry the most holy pieces of furniture as the nation hiked through the desert.

In the second usage of “carry” it is an entirely different word, and yet is still translated “carry”. Take a look –

H4853 = “massa” = a burden in the form of a prophetic utterance. A tribute. An utterance, chiefly doom, especially singing; carring away, prophecy. Prophetic utterance, oracle.”

Strongs Concordance; Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon

Here, it expressly states that the Kohathites are to bear the burden of carrying the prophetic words and songs from God. Their service of carrying the holy things and bearing the holy, prophetic burden is so important, verse 17 says this, “let not the tribe of the Kohathites be destroyed from among the Levites.” (Of course, carrying the most holy things was a risky endeavor if not done right, too, and could cost a life. Think- Uzzah..)

The whole chapter of Numbers 4 closes with this statement –

… each one (of the sons of Levi) with the task of serving or carrying…”

Numbers 4:48 ESV

Do you see it? Not only were there to be those who valued, honored and carried the Most Holy things, but they also carried the burden for the prophetic utterance and prophecy in the nation. Each one with the task of carrying the prophetic voice of God in the camp, in the nation.

…they were charged with the service of the holy things that had to be carried on the shoulder.”

Numbers 7:9 ESV

This responsibility of carrying the holy things, of carrying the prophectc burden was carried on their shoulders. It was their responsibility, their honor, their duty for all generations. They were not to be destroyed, or disappear, ever, is what God said and intended.

One last note, before I wrap up.

“Kohath” actually means in the Hebrew – “to ally oneself; allied.” H6955

The point here is this – I believe that the Lord is calling out to those who are called to carry the burden of the holy things and the weight of His prophetic words. It’s that simple.

The call is for those who will align themselves with Him and what He is doing and saying. To those in alignment, who are allied with God, He will speak and their words will be in alignment with His will.

As mentioned last week, we are a royal priesthood. (1Peter 2:9) Today, I add – who have been called to carry the burden of the presence and prophetic voice of the Lord for our nation.

I am Calling Out Those Who are Called to Carry the burden of the holy things and His prophetic word.

Are you one? Will you respond?


Word Pictures for 2022

January 3, 2022

Once again, as in the previous years, I have been given pictures that are symbolic to show us lessons in 2022. And again, each of these were visually highlighted to me as I was out for a prayer walk today. I will show you 5 pictures and then share the signifigance for each in this new year.

overgrown palm & badly in need of pruning

#1 Dying palm leaves – This palm tree was so fascininating. It actually had more dead things hanging from it than it did green, live things; and the dead things seemed to be pulling the whole tree lower, downward. Plus, it was so ugly.

Palm trees with dead or damaged branches should be removed from the tree. As the branches die, new leaves cannot grow in that same spot and therefore must be pruned for optimal growth and beauty.

+ 2022 is the year that we must remove from our life those things that are dead and damaged. Sin, grudges, shame, failure, anxiety, depression, fear, gossip… the same ol’ way of doing things, same ol’ reading, same ol’ prayer. It’s time to clean our house, our life and prune off the ugly, dead branches that haven’t produced fresh life in years but have been bringing us down and making our life ugly. (John 15;2)

I saw thousands of acorn seeds lying on the ground

#2 Seedtime – I was shocked how many of these seeds were lying along the sidewalk, for the whole 4 miles of my walk! 1000’s! These acorn seeds were all smooth, brown, in shells that were pointed. There weren’t the usual top caps, they looked like bullets.

+ 2022 – is SEEDTIME! God promised that his pattern of growth is seedtime and harvest. (Genesis 8:22) The seed that is planted is our words. If we plant words of hope, we will harvest hope. If we plant seeds of fear we will reap fear. It is seedtime! What are we planting? If we don’t plant, we won’t reap. If we plant His Word, speak His Word, we will reap a harvest of His blessing. What are we speaking? Planting? (Our words are indeed like bullets)

cut down trees
of all shapes and sizes
many with roots still intact

#3 Cut down trees – I saw no less than a dozen fully grown trees that had been cut down. There stood only their stump, a very small trunk. It struck me powerfully. Why were so many trees cut down?

+ 2022 – Trees represent people and even rulers and leaders. Ezekiel 31, Isaiah 14, Daniel, Job. I believe God was reminding me that He will cut down the pride and arrogance of man. God will cut down the groves where idolatry is practiced and perpertrated. This year we will see fall many who participate in wickedness as God’s righteousness rises upon our land. May He cut to the ground Lucifer and those who follow him.

printed slip with 1967 as the call number

#4 1967 – I saw this slip of paper but initially walked by it. Not getting too far, I was prompted to go back, take a look at it and consider it. So I did a 180. Walking back & looking more closely at it, the 1967 was embolden, and although I tried to figure out where it had come from, the message was loud and clear 1967. I walked a long way wondering what this year could mean or these numbers could mean. I believe the year is important and a picture of what lies ahead for us in this next year.

+ 2022 – I remember 1967 well. It was the beginning of the Jesus movement, 1967-1972! Along the beaches of CA were gathering of hippies, singing and praising God. They had given their lives to Jesus and were rocking the churches of the day. Summer of 1967 was the “Summer of Love” in Haight-Ashbury where this counter-culture was bursting forth from. Also in 1967 “The Living Room” was started, a Christian street mission that housed these hippie converts and discipled them for Christ.

I believe a Jesus movement like that of 1967 is approaching and will break upon the shores of CA and other states in this new year of 2022! Harvest always follows seedtime my friend. Homes will be aflame with vibrant prayer and fellowship and lives are changed and filled with His power. Let’s not just watch this outpouring but be involved in it.

Lake Mission Viejo with the Saddleback mountains in view

#5 A clear view of mountains – Walking back home the saddleback mountains of Santiago Peak and Modjeska Peak were clear and large; in fact, Santiago Peak is the highest point in Orange County. (5,689 ft.) Interestingly enough, you can hike to it from the OC on a 17.2 mile trail called the Holy Jim Trail. It is because these peaks form the shape of a huge saddle silhouette against the sky, that they were called old Saddleback.

+ 2022 – There are two take aways from these mountains for us in 2022.

1- there will continue to be big mountains standing in our way this year. Jesus promised in Matthew 17:20, that if we have the faith of a mustard seed, we can say to the mountain MOVE and it will move. I believe this is the year we will see seemingly impossible obstacles disappear, because of our faith-filled prayers and words. (Remember those seeds, those words??)

2. 2022 will be a year of the rising of the Mountain of the Lord, the highest of all mountains. Isaiah 2:1-5 This mountain is His remnant of believers, His church, His ecclesia, His called out ones. 2022 will see the awakening and arising of His people walking in faith and victory.

Regardless of how spiritual or unspiritual you may consider yourself to be right now, I emplore you to consider these 5 word pictures as you walk through 2022. I believe that they are pictures from the Lord for us and will help us focus our prayers and walk in the things that please Him.

Get involved in what He is doing. Speak what He is speaking. Prune your life. Plant seeds. Pray to cut down wicked rulers. Pray for and work in the Jesus people harvest. Exercise faith and be identified with His mountain in 2022. This is going to be the best year yet! Get ready!

So glad to be looking with you at these prophetic word pictures for 2022.