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“Can you hear me know?” “Good!”

Sunday Sermon 11.6.21

For nine years, this question and response became a very popular and effective commercial for Verizon Wireless.

We use our hearing 24 hours a day. Our ears are like antennae that pick up signals from all different directions. Then they process those signals and pass them on to the brain for interpretation and action. When both ears are functioning we have optimal hearing.


Do you think much about what you hear between those 20 and 20,000 Hz? Of course, those important speech frequencies between 500 and 4,000 Hz are important, but what about the others, the whole range of things that you hear?

Even in “The Sounds of Silence”, what do you hear? (cue up Simon & Garfunkle, Disturbed or Pentatonix.) Is there really silence or are we still resonating with what has been heard?

We are cautioned in scripture, to

Pay attention to what you hear: …”

Mark 4:24 CEV

Or as another verson clarifies,

” Be diligent to understand the meaning behind everything you hear…”

Mark 4:24 TPT

I love the urgent call to action in the Greek words use. “Pay attention” indicates, “look out, look at, see. Beware! Have sight, observe, discern and perceive” (Strongs Concordance G#991) While what you “hear”, means, ” give audience to; be noised, be reported. Understand.” (Strongs Concordance G#191)

Jesus is the speaker in the context of this verse and His warning to the disciples (aren’t we His disciples, too) is to “Beware and look out for what you pay attention to, give audience to, the noise of what is reported. Be careful what you understand.”

You see, Jesus knew the power of hearing 24 hours a day. Jesus knew the power of noises and voices bombarding us with signals every minute of the day. Jesus warned His disciples to PAY ATTENTION to what you hear. Jesus knew the importance of hearing.

I have come to believe that is why, the greatest command, (which we often state as love God and love others) actually begins with:

HEAR, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord.”

Deuteronomy 6:4

Hear. That is the first priority.

Our ability to love God and others begins with our willingness to listen to God. How we listen to Him is reflected in how we treat others.

“Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it. “

Luke 11:28 CEV

What we do and say is contingent on what we hear.

“ The hearing is always found close to the speaking tongue. “

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even according to reknown physcologists, what we hear triggers the brain to initiate a behavior. In anticipation of a reward, we are motivated to act or respond so that the desired reward will be achieved. Think about that – what we hear TRIGGERS us. What we hear gives us cues (to behave in a certain way). Our behavior is driven by cues and triggers from what we hear.

In the mix of all that we hear, ie. news reports, political outcomes, mandates, employment requirements, housing needs, a spouse or friend’s requests and complaints, doctor’s reports and never ending self talk…. PAY ATTENTION to the triggers, cues.

Also, shift through what you’re hearing to determine if you are hearing God? Can you hear His voice in the mix of your days noises? Do you recognize it, understand it, pay attention to it? Is His voice giving you cues or is another source? Again, in the silence of your own thoughts, are you preceiving and discerning His voice?

Who or where are you getting your cues from?

“The entrance of your words bring light.”

Psalm 119:130 NIV

When we hear and pay attention to His voice, we enjoy walking in light, clarity, and peace. Our path is illuminated and we feel a confident peace in our heart. Apart from hearing His voice we experience uncertainty, wandering and indecisiveness.

Are we hearing His voice or everyone elses? Can we distinguish His voice from others? Or are we just looking to only hear what suits our own way and will? Scripture promises a day when people will have “itchy ears”. That means they will only hear what they want to hear and what stays inside of their own comfort level. (2 Timothy 4:3)

Hearing God’s voice is not only possible, it is the purpose for which you have been created; to walk with Him in a loving, communicative, mutual relationship. He is the Shepherd and we are the sheep, and His sheep hear His voice. John 10:27 CEV

He is speaking, He is sending out His signal, His voice to you. Are you paying attention?

Can you hear Him now? Good!

Go with God,