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Valentine’s Heart Wishes

As I am writting this day, February 14, many will “celebrate” Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day. Our family exchanged gifts and sentiments and perhaps yours did too. Whether or not you do, the health of your heart matters.

Please check out my brief video (1 min. 18 sec.) to see what I mean and why it matters to you today.

Our heart is the most valuable thing that we have to give away. To receive another’s heart is the most valuable treasure that we can possess. For in that heart we find not a cardiovascular muscle that pumps blood through the body, but the essence of one’s mind, will and emotions. The very center of a person, the core of who they are.

To be entrusted with such a gift is humbling, fearful, fulfilling, and joyous. And if that heart is a whole, healthy heart, the years ahead for that relationship are likely to be many. If that heart is less than whole – a hard, hallow or half heart, challenges will ensue. Softeners will be needed for the hard heart, meaningful substance is needed for the hallow heart and obstacles as well as distractions must be removed from the half heart.

Each heart requires tending and careful grooming for wholeness to occur. It is a process, one that each of us must chose to commit to for wholeness.

I trust that you have and will continue in that process of having and sharing a whole, healthy heart – not just today, on this day of hearts, but everyday.

Happy heart day,