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The Supreme Court

Years ago I had the distinct privilege to sit in a hearing of The Supreme Court of the USA. I remember it well, as do the other adults that I was with. There was a reverence, seriousness, silence and awe in the atmosphere. All were nervously leaning in to every word and doing their best to understand the proceedings and legal speech. I will never forget that experience.

The Supreme Court of the US is the “highest court in the land.” That means it is the final arbiter of the law and serves to ensure that we Americans receive equal justice under the law and proper interpretation of the Constitution of the US.

It was established by our forefathers as one of three co-equal branches of goverment in 1789; those three, of course are: The Legeslative Branch (“Congress”, which is housed in The Capitol), The Executive Branch ( housed in The White House, The President’s office and home), and the Judicial Branch (housed in the Supreme Court Building and lead by Chief Justice Roberts with the other eight Associate Justices).

The job of the Supreme Court is to hear controversial cases that have been appealed by states and then determine it’s constitutional standing and accuracy. This is called “judicial review”. Their scope of cases involve law and equity under the constitution; laws of the US; and treaties that have been made.

Our judicial system involves the Supreme Court, at the top, so to speak, but also 13 appellate courts, with 94 federal judges that serve in 12 regional circuits. These are circuit or district courts.

The 94 district courts or trial courts resovle issues by hearing facts and applying legal principles to decide who is right. Each case is decided by a Judge and a jury. Each American adult is expected to take their turn to serve on a jury, it is our duty.

There are also special courts in the US which handle things like bankruptcy, appeals for bankruptcy and Article I courts, (which deal with veterans claims, armed forces appeals and taxes).

Having recently finished reading the book of Job, I was reminded and blown away with the preception that he maintained his innocence before God. Repeatedly he refers to the Almighty as his judge and hearer of his case, as so often he uses legal terms in referencing God. Check out these snipits:

  • ” I appeal my cause to God…” Job 5:8
  • ” my witness is in heaven and he who testifies for me is on high” Job 16:19
  • ” I desire to argue my case with God” Job 13:3
  • ” will you plead the case for God?” Job 13:8
  • ” I will argue my ways to his face” Job 13:15
  • ” I have prepared my case” Job 13:18

In fact, Job has a strong case. God is The Judge. He sits on the circle of the earth and makes all rulers meaningless. (Isaiah 40:23)

We all will stand before the Great Ancient of Days, in the highest court in heaven, where we will see One seated on a firey throne, with flames coming from it’s wheels, and a stream of fire coming from him. Millions upon millions will stand before this Court as the evidenciary books are opened, facts are read and judgment is leveled by he Righteous Judge. (Daniel 7; Revelation 20; Revelation 4 & 5)

In the Throneroom of Heaven, sits the true highest court, and it is within this court that the Lord has taken his place to contend with and judge peoples. (Isaiah 3:13-14)

It is before THIS supreme courtroom of heaven that I emplore you to plead not only your case before God, but in prayer to appeal to the Judge of the Earth on behalf of the cases before the Supreme Court and lower courts of our land at this time.

With seriousness and awe may we lean in to this time in history by bringing our case before heaven’s Supreme Court.

Cheers to you,