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Your Worldview

The Joshua Files Podcast 5.28.21

I am very anxious to talk about world views on this Friday’s podcast and for you to consider your world view with its implications.

This principle is so valuable in our lives. Please listen in when you can, and let me know what your think

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Your Core Values

The Joshua Files Podcast 5.14.21

Building your life on core values, choosing to live by them and make decisions based on them is challenging, but you will find the greatest fulfillment, pride and happiness doing so.

Click on this Friday’s episode of my podcast to hear some important truth.

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Finding Your Purpose

This Friday’s Podcast of The Joshua Files 5.7.21

Is it time to reevaluate, or maybe even establish for the first time?

Finding your purpose and living with it as the compass for your life is one of the most basic foundations of adulthood. In this podcast we address all of these issues and offer some serious thoughts to consider. Please check it out:

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