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Calling Out Those Who are Called to Carry

This message is really one in a series of messages the Lord highlighted to me while reading the book of Numbers. In the first six chapters there, each chapter begins with this phrase –

The Lord spoke to Moses…”

Numbers 1:1; 2:1; 3:1; 4:1; 5:1; 6:1 ESV

So I thought, if the Lord is speaking, what is He saying here and how can it be for us too? We better listen up and get on board. (Don’t you talk to yourself that way when you read the Bible? :-))

So here’s the deal.

I fully understand that we are “under Grace” and the New Covenant of Jesus blood and redemption. I understand that Jesus fulfilled all the law. I get it. But I also understand that there are truths for us, within these seemingly obscure Old Testament stories, practices, laws and observances. So hear me out.

A quick backstory of Numbers 4. In this chapter, the Kohathites, one of the three sons of Levi (the priest & therefore his family were all priests) are being assigned their priestly duties. Their job was to cover and carry the “most holy things”.

this is the service of the sons of Kohath: the most holy things.”

Numbers 4:4

After listing everything that they were to cover and expressly how to cover it, it says this –

…the sons of Kohath shall come to carry (1) these… These are the things of the tent of meeting that the sons of Kohath are to carry (2).”

Numbers 4:15
Kohathites carrying the Ark of the Covenant

Ok, so they’re s’pose to carry furniture, big deal, so what, you may be thinking.

In fact, they are not just carrying furniture, and the most holy furniture at that. There are two different words for “carry” used in that last verse. Stay with me.

In the first usage, it means “to lift, accept, advance, aid. Burden bearer, honor.” (H5375) So it is clear that the Kohath family of priests were to literally, physically lift and carry the most holy pieces of furniture as the nation hiked through the desert.

In the second usage of “carry” it is an entirely different word, and yet is still translated “carry”. Take a look –

H4853 = “massa” = a burden in the form of a prophetic utterance. A tribute. An utterance, chiefly doom, especially singing; carring away, prophecy. Prophetic utterance, oracle.”

Strongs Concordance; Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon

Here, it expressly states that the Kohathites are to bear the burden of carrying the prophetic words and songs from God. Their service of carrying the holy things and bearing the holy, prophetic burden is so important, verse 17 says this, “let not the tribe of the Kohathites be destroyed from among the Levites.” (Of course, carrying the most holy things was a risky endeavor if not done right, too, and could cost a life. Think- Uzzah..)

The whole chapter of Numbers 4 closes with this statement –

… each one (of the sons of Levi) with the task of serving or carrying…”

Numbers 4:48 ESV

Do you see it? Not only were there to be those who valued, honored and carried the Most Holy things, but they also carried the burden for the prophetic utterance and prophecy in the nation. Each one with the task of carrying the prophetic voice of God in the camp, in the nation.

…they were charged with the service of the holy things that had to be carried on the shoulder.”

Numbers 7:9 ESV

This responsibility of carrying the holy things, of carrying the prophectc burden was carried on their shoulders. It was their responsibility, their honor, their duty for all generations. They were not to be destroyed, or disappear, ever, is what God said and intended.

One last note, before I wrap up.

“Kohath” actually means in the Hebrew – “to ally oneself; allied.” H6955

The point here is this – I believe that the Lord is calling out to those who are called to carry the burden of the holy things and the weight of His prophetic words. It’s that simple.

The call is for those who will align themselves with Him and what He is doing and saying. To those in alignment, who are allied with God, He will speak and their words will be in alignment with His will.

As mentioned last week, we are a royal priesthood. (1Peter 2:9) Today, I add – who have been called to carry the burden of the presence and prophetic voice of the Lord for our nation.

I am Calling Out Those Who are Called to Carry the burden of the holy things and His prophetic word.

Are you one? Will you respond?


Guardians of the …

What pops into your mind?

If it’s the 2014 Oscar nominated, multi-award winning, $773 million dollar grossing, blockbuster film, staring Chris Pratt – you might be close. If it’s the simple word – “galaxy”, you’d be even closer.

spiral galaxy

Although I would enjoy drawing parallels from the Guardians, whose goal it is to combat evil and create a orderly universe, utilizing their mechanized police force – “The Manhunters”, who sought to eradicate organic life starting in Sector 666 (and left survivors of the massacre called “demons”, who banded together to form a nation called “Empire of Tears”), I will leave that for another time. (1)

Guardians of the Galaxy

What I would like to add to the list of things that could pop into your mind is this: We humans have indeed been selected to be guardians. It’s true. You, me, and every human on the planet, are intended to follow in the steps of Adam, our father and be guardians or “watchmen” over God’s creation – His garden.

That garden first starts within us (Song of Sol. 1:6) and then extends to our planet. Why? Because there is a snake in the garden, and we are to watch, guard and keep the snake out. Man’s role is protector, keeper, and watchman (2) … of the galaxy (if you will) – to keep the snake out!

Yahweh-God took the man and placed him in the graden of Eden to work and watch over it.”

Genesis 2:15 TPT

I believe this is where so many who champion the “Green” philosophy of planet conservation and all, get their mandate. It is valid. We are to take care of “Mother Earth”, and watch out for her for the sake of continued life on the planet. We are to be earth’s stewards.

But there is more to our guardianship of this galaxy, and planet… and it still has to do with keeping the snake out and watching for its encroachments.

A clear example and model of this can be found in the selection (by God) of the tribe of Levi, to guard the sanctuary and presence of God. This family of priests, one of twelve families, was chosen to be guardians of the Tent of Meeting as they traveled through the wilderness and entered into their promised land. Their job involved, guarding the sanctuary, guarding the priesthood, guarding the furnishings, guarding the people, guarding the coverings, screens, and the most sacred ark. Numbers chapter 3 tells of it all.

It is interesting to note that Levi had three sons (Gershon, Kohath, and Merarai) and to each son, along with their family was given the responsibility for a specific part of the Tabernacle. Here’s the interseting part – look at this verse about Kohath (and his family):

Let not the tribe of the clans of the Kohathites be destroyed from the Levites…”

Numbers 4:17 ESV

In other words, take careful heed to see to it that there are always Kohathites (Levites – priests) guarding, watching, keeping and protecting. You see, as 1 Peter 2:5 tells us, WE ARE TO BE A HOLY PRIESTHOOD, offering spiritual sacrifices. What sacrifices? Guard duty, watching for snakes!


Yes, in the sactuary/assembly. We do watch for snakes in church, we keep guard for actions, attitudes and allurements from the serpent. We identify them. We rally in prayer around them. We bind them. We keep the garden free from the whiles of the enemy.

But also, we keep watch personally and corporately. In our own lives and then in the national life stream. Where there is any evidence of a slithering snake, its poison and deception, we crush it’s head, under our feet. Romans 16:19

In our nation, it is easy to identify the imprint of the snake. Whatever is contrary to The Word, is from the snake. Use the Sword then, to cut it’s head off. Keep it out, protect against its lies and heresy.

I could (and maybe even should) spend another whole blog on the absolute imperative we have to guard liberty. My friend, America’s liberty must be guarded. It is given to us, to safeguard, protect, and defend the liberties our great nation was founded upon and to raise up others who will do the same. “Give me liberty or give me death” is still the revolutionary call.

In our personal lives too, we guard against the lurings of the snake to doubt what God has said, to believe He is holding something back from us and doesn’t want us to be happy and fulfilled. But most importantly, our guard is to be for the keeping of His presence. Let me explain.

The Levites were to guard the presence of the Lord. The ark. They were to keep watch for anything out of line with what God had directed. Their charge was to be watchmen for the presence and to keep the snake out!

We too are to guard the presence of God in our life, in our church, in our nation, in our family. It is all about the presence – God’s presence. Keeping it, guarding it. In fact, being guardians of His presence.

The snake seeks to divert us, distract us, and destroy anything that leads us to the presence of God or experiencing the full presence of God. The holy, awesome, powerful presence of God is the snake’s demise. That is why we are called to be guardians of the presence. Watchmen for His presence and walkers in it, in Him. Seeking to protect it at all costs, through all generations. Cherishing, revering, and guarding His presence is what we have been commission to do.

We are on guard duty. Watchmen on the wall. Guardians of His presence. Keepers of our garden, on the look out for the snake.

So, now, what pops into your mind?

Guardians of the …

Cheers to you,


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  2. The Book of Genesis; The Passion Translation, Brian Simmons; notes Genesis 2:15

Are You a Sweet Smell?

I’m sure you know toxic people and maybe even some that are like the Corpse flower. You know, that rare plant that only blooms every 7-10 years, and when it does, it smells like rotting flesh. The fragrance of it and people like it is far from sweet.

Click on the video for some tools to help you determine what smell it is that you are filling the room with.

Cheers to you,


Under What Banner Are You Camping?

To be clear- this is not about outdoor camping, political affiliations, or social justice causes. This is about what I recently heard the Lord speak to me while reading His Word, when He said, “Under what banner are you camping?”.

This question, although posed to me, I understood to be for you too. In fact, I believe it to be one of the priority questions of the Spirit in this current season that we all must grapple with.

Hang with me as I explain, you’ll be glad you do.

The children of Israel had just escaped Egypt and were in the wilderness of Sinai where the Lord is speaking to them. And here is the seed bed for our topic and question-

“ The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, “The people of Israel shall camp each by his own standard, with the banners of their father’s houses.”

Numbers 2:1-2 ESV

Here’s the thing- God was directing the entire nation, and calling for each individual to camp by their own standard, under their family banner.

You see, back then, each tribe had their own standard, (Judah/ Issachar/Zebulun, Reuben/Simeon/Gad, Ephraim/Manasseh/Benjamin, Dan/Asher/Napthali); each family within each tribe had their own banner; and each triad of tribes had their own standard. (The triad is a group of 3 tribes that camped together around the tabernacle in the wilderness)

No one really knows what they looked like

The point here is – everyone was to camp around their own family banner & their tribe’s standard. Where they camped had to do with their family flag, and the standard under which they lived.

The Hebrew word “standard” here is taken from a root word that means – “to flaunt, to raise a flag, to be conspicuous – set up a banner”. (H1713) What we can glean from this is, the banner under which they lived is what made them stand out, be conspicuous. Or perhaps even, they stood out and were conspicuous based upon the standard under which they lived and identified.

But each individual was also linked to a family, not just a tribe. And they were to camp under the banner of their father’s house as well. Take a look at what “banner” means.

” sign, pledges, signs – miracles, memorial stones of their father’s houses.”


Translation… family signs (sins, tendencies, weaknesses), turned to miracles, became the banner of identification for every individual, who then became part of a larger group (triad) who marched together conspicously, flaunting their standard of victory.

But here’s the question, under what banner are YOU camping? What are the obvious signs on your life? What does your life point to, stand out for?

We all have a family, and each family looks different. Family in this text means all of these things in fact –

“house, palace, prison, temple – house containing a family”


Families have problems, let’s face it. But every family has problems and every family since time has begun has had problems. Even the problems of biblical families are not hidden. For example-

  • Adam – blame shifting
  • Cain/Abel, Jacob/Esau, Joseph -sibling rivalry
  • Rachel, Leah, Hannah – jealousy
  • Samuel & Eli – wayward kids
  • Saul & Jonathan – angry tempered father
  • David & Absolom – rebellious son
  • Hosea – marriage issues

God set up families as His first institution to teach us about human interactions. It is within this context that we realize family tendencies, weaknesses, strengths and values, right? It is within this framework that we see “generational sins”. These are weaknesses or tendencies handed down to us through generations via our parents. They include behavioral patterns and ways of thinking.

In my biological family, I see family traits that have been passed down, anger, impatience, pride, judgment, lying, bitterness, drunkenness, demeaning, and cursing, to name a few. What are yours? Cuz we all have them.

But even tho’ these are signs, sins, (of my family) that doesn’t mean I have to camp under that banner. I am not a victim of those generational sins. I can choose to live differently and under another banner. Jesus has freed me and I am responsibile for my own sin and not the sins of my forefathers. Ezkiel 18:30-32 I can pray like David, “do not remember the sins of my forefathers.” Psa. 79:8-9

Even though Issac lied about his wife just like his dad Abraham did, and Jacob with his mom decieved Esau, we do not have to camp under the banner of our families generational sins. But without intentional, personal confession & repentance we will fall prey to those “sins that so easily beset us”, those unspiritual family traits, whatever they may be.

You see, generational sins have a tendency to multiply among family members, and given opportunity to reign to 4 generations become a “stronghold” in the family. These become stumbling blocks that must be dealt with through prayer, confession & repentance as we mentioned. At it’s core, generational sins are about disobeying God’s commands and we must realign ourselves with God, His will, His grace, mercy, forgiveness and love. He truly is a “good, good father”.

That then puts us under the banner of LOVE (Song of Solomom 2:4). Now, The Lord has become our banner, and The Lord is the banner that we camp under. His miracles in our life, His signs of setting us free from family sins, and the memorials we set up to remind ourselves of His forgiveness and deliverance for us.

AND, for the record, “THE LORD OUR BANNER” is one of the names of God that He gave to Moses when Amalek attacked the children of Israel in the wilderness. The story is important for us, in this context because Amalek was the first nation to attack the Jews and God told them that they would have war with him from “generation to generation”. Exodus 17:16 (That means, us!)

Amalek was the grandson of Esau. He grew up in Esau’s house feeding on the hatred of his Granddad for Jacob. Isn’t that what generational sins do? Grow up, unchecked in households like festering wounds, producing swelling and infection. That is why God promised that Amalek would be completely destroyed and remembered no more. Exodus 17:14

And how?

Moses shows us in Exodus 17 – While Moses and Aaron’s hands were lifted, Joshua was victorious in battle over Amalek, if their hands were lowered, Amalek won the battle. As their hands remained lifted, Joshua overwhelmed Amalek and his people with the sword. THAT my friend, is effective, fervent prayer and praise!

It was in THAT battle, that Moses called God by the name, “The Lord Is My Banner”. The banner that wins us victory over Amalek (our generational sins, weaknesses and tendencies) is The Lord. The Lord Our Banner is The banner under which we need to park ourselves. Not the banner of our family sins, addictions or shortcomings.

When we find ourselves (and our family) camped under The Lord Our Banner, it is only fitting to then look up and find that we are aligned with the standard of our victorious tribe- The Bride of Christ. Remember, it is under the standard that we become conspicious flaunting even.

When we experience the victory of The Lord in our life over our generational, family sins, we share it, tell others, and become conspicuous to others in our freedom. It is not out of pride or gloating that we flaunt our freedom from family sins, but out of a heart of humble, gratitude that we can’t help but show others that freedom is possible. They too could be free to camp under The Lord Our Banner, and the miracles and signs He will do.

Your battle with Amalek is guaranteed, but your victory over Amalek and those family sins is your responsibility. “For each person will camp by his own standard, with the banner of his father’s house.”

The question that remains then is, under what banner are you camping?

Let’s get to the business of freeing ourselves and our families.


PS – I believe that God is preparing His people to march forward in mighty victory as His Ekklesia, but before that can happen, we must be free of anything that entangles us and binds us. Just as with the Jew’s, God spoke for them to realign under their standards and banners – BEFORE He released them to march forward. It’s time to realign, get things settled, and get ourselves out from under generational bondage.

So, my friend, let’s get to it. It’s almost time to move out.

Fathers Are Essential

Fathers are so essential, and their priority so foundational, that in both the Hebrew and Aramaic languages, the first word, is “Ab” = father. You will find it first, literally the number 1, in your lexicons and concordances. (Go ahead, pull out your Strong’s concordance & see.) But fathers are not only essential in languages, fathers are essential to healthy, functioning societies.

According to the research, from birth, even prenatal birth, involved fathers are shown to produce emotionally secure children. (1) Active and nurturing fathering is associated with better verbal skills, intellectual functions and academic achievements. (2) In a majority of studies, there is no question that involved fathers do play a crucial role in cognitive, behavioral, and general health and well being areas of a child’s life. (3)

It should come then, as no surprise to us that God’s design for dad’s influence in their family is one of his highest priorities. And yet, as I was recently reading in the first chapter of the book of Numbers (the 4th book in the Bible), I was surprised to find a whopping 17 times (in only 45 verses) the phrase – “by their father’s houses”. Let me show you how the whole book and chapter 1 begins-

” The Lord spoke to Moses in the wilderness of Sinai…saying…”

Numbers 1:1 ESV

The book starts with GOD SPEAKING (in the wilderness) and telling (Moses) something. My friend, when God speaks, we would be wise to listen, every single time. So God is speaking… what is He saying?

“Take a census.. by their father’s houses…every father and male… head to head…”

Numbers 1:2,5,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34, 36,38,40,42,44,45

God is counting the fathers. God is counting on fathers.

He is counting the father’s households. He wants every father counted, and every male in each father’s family counted. Now I know that this is a military census, but do you really believe that is all it is? For as I read and reread this chapter, I heard God clearly say I AM COUNTING THE FATHERS. I am holding fathers to account.

You see, in God’s eyes, it all begins with the fathers. God’s priority is on fathers, families, and fatherlessness. Why? Because God is our EVERLASTING FATHER, and the father of all the families of the Earth. He is Our Father in heaven.

Do you think it is a coincidence that fatherhood and male identities and role models are under attack? Positive, male, role models develop positive gender-role characteristics. (4) The casting off of those positive, male characteristics and fatherhood identities erode all civilizations that succomb to them.

The erasing of male identity and fatherhood is a blatant attempt to erase Our Heavenly Father‘s imprint on humanity. It is a spiritual and demonic strategy.

Fathers matter. Fathers impact their children’s well-being. Just look at what the data shows:

  • Children involved with caring fathers have better educational outcomes (5)
  • Playtime with fathers leaves an important impact on children (6)
  • Fathers bring strength, momentum and movement to a family (7)
  • Son’s with a good relationship with dad handle stress more effectively (8)
  • Involved dad’s have a direct impact on their child’s future (9)
  • Families are strengthened by supporting fathers (10)
  • Dad’s involvement curbs unwelcome teen pregnancy (11)
  • Dad’s presence has a measureable boost to infant development (12)
  • The ability to choose well is the legacy fo a good dad (13)
  • Adolescent/teen boys who live with their dads are less likely to carry guns and deal drugs (15)

Fathers are essential for America as a nation and every other nation for that matter.

Yet, 1 in 4 children live without a biological, step or adoptive father in the home. That’s enough kids to fill NYC once or LA 4 times! Plus, there are millions more who live in homes where Dad is physically present, but emotionally absent. If classified as a disease, fatherlessness would be an epidemic and natonal emergency. (14)

In my generation, 87.7% grew up with 2 biological parents. Today, that number is 68.1%.

Again, is it any wonder why fathers are so important to God – our Heavenly Father? They are number 1 to Him because they are the building blocks of strong families and thereby strong and healthy society.

That Hebrew word “Ab” that we opened with, the number 1 word in the lexicon, means this:

“Ab – H1 = father, head of a household, patron of a family. Human or spiritual father. A familial relationship represented by the word father.”

Strong’s Concordance

Male role models are vital for families. They teach relationsips, reactions and responses. They set models for marriages and teach important life lessons. Without these good & positive influences we have countless families suffering through the absence of their father, because of his bad influence. And we too often mourn the lessons NOT learned, because of the image of Dad as a shadowdy, angry, booming presence. (and often harmful) The experiences we have with our dad powerfully linger in our emotions. For good or bad.

Today, I hear the call of The Spirit, to Fathers.

More than ever, this generation needs father figures and teachers. God is calling spiritual fathers to rise up. He is calling for earthly fathers to wake up. He is calling role models to step up. We have an epidemic of fatherlessness that OUR FATHER in heaven is crying to heal and fill. He is crying out for the fatherless.

This society badly needs the foundations that a father brings –

  1. The Father as the Source
  2. The Father who Provides
  3. The Father who Corrects
  4. The Father who Loves

God is speaking, in our wilderness…. where are the Fathers? I am looking for them, I am counting on them.

How can you help?

Father’s are essential

In the Father’s love,


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We the People of the Land

That’s how this story starts – with the people of the land. These citizens, in groups of categorized people and by various means have (after a considerable delay) spotted an opportunity. So they rally together, create their case, and call for the leader in charge to do something! They call on him to break them loose from their religious & political confines, to unbind them from their past restrctions and to release them to enjoy unrestrained “freedoms”.

And that is exactly what their leader does. He calls for the embellishments on their ears to be removed and given to him. With their hearing now affected, he fashions an image that will retune their focus and shift their vision. He willingly fashions this new image for them and the people willingly accept it.

This story, is none other than the acount of the Israelites encounter with Aaron when Moses was on the top of Mount Sinai with God. We find it in Exodus 32.

“When the people saw that Moses was delayed… the people gathered themselves together to Aaron… and said make us gods…So Aaron said, take off the gold that is in the ears of your wives, your sons and your daughters…so the people brought them to him… and he received the gold…and fashioned it… and made a golden calf…Aaron built an altar… They said, these are our gods… The people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play. And when Moses saw that that people had broken loose (for Aaron had let them break loose), Moses stood at the gate…”

Exodus 32:1-7; 25 ESV

Check out some of the meanings of these words and phrases from Exodus 32. It is chilling with respect to its application for our days.

  • people H5971= a people, tribe; groups of people that can be categorized in various ways. Citizens.
  • Moses delayed = so the people felt anxious and pressed for action to seize the opportunity
  • Aaron said, take off the gold on the ears of your family = those embellishments that affect our hearing were removed. Gold. (No godly filters)
  • Aaron received it and fashioned a golden calf = made by the hands of Aaron, this was their new vision and focus
  • The picture in Hebrew, at the foot of the mountain was one of wanton sex orgies, and drunkenness
  • the people had broken loose = they were now completly unrestrained in every perverted desire and passion. Total and unabandon sexual perversion.

In this group of citizens, there arose a domineering voice. (We are told that Israel at this time probably numbered near 2 million people, including women and children.) This voice was one seeking to unleash action in the absence of apparent inaction. This voice coalesced around Aaron and his newfound leadership power. And this voice persuaded Aaron to take these corrupt actions.

Do you see any parallels here with our government in America, it’s leadership, and a group of its people?

It is crystal clear that the American people have “broken loose” and our leadership let them “break loose”. Never wasting an opportunity….

Scripture tells us that,

“Where there is no prophetic vision the people will cast off restraint.”

Proverbs 29:18 ESV

When the vision of God for a people, nation, or individual is cast off, all restraint is let go and all hell breaks loose. God looks at these people as corrupted, having turned away from Him and choosing their own images of worship, rather than Him.

But I would like to suggest to you that the loud voice of this first group was not the only group around the bottom of the mountain that day. Yes, those people did speak loudly and unified themselves around Aaron, but there was another group.

There were (at least) two groups that day. This first one saw:

  • delay, unity in numbers, opportunity to fundamentally change their restricted lives

The other, we find in this passage –

” Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp and said, “Who is on the Lord’s side? Come to me.” And all the sons of Levi gathered around him, “Thus says, the Lord God of Israel, “Put your sword on your side, each of you…”

Exodus 32:26-27 ESV

Here’s the 2nd group in the crowd that day and what brought them together:

  • Who is on the Lord’s side, gathered around Moses, put on their sword

This group was categorized by their desire to please the Lord and obey His will. These Levites, were in the crowd at the foot of Sinai and saw what was going on, the debauchery, and not yielding to it. When the call came – WHO IS ON THE LORD’S SIDE, they seized the opportunity to stand on the Lord’s side. They strapped on their sword and went to work.

People, of the many and varied groups that we find ourselves divided into these days, we are united as citizens. We are the people of the land. And like those citizens amassed at Sinai, we find ourselves seeing the breaking loose and casting off of all restraints of moral, justice, education and religious values. And our leaders not only allow it but promote it.

It is important to note the end of Exodus chapter 32. For in verse 35, it says, “And the Lord sent a plague on the people because they made the calf, the one that Aaron made.”

The leaders of this land will be held accountable for their actions. The people of the land will be held accountable for their actions. And the Lord will indeed judge our land for her actions. Let’s not fool ourselves.

But today, we the people… with which group do ally?

Casting off restraint or strapping on a sword?

The clarion call is being trumpted, “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

We, people of the land, it’s time to strap on your Sword.

Go with God,