Plugging into Your Source

What is the most powerful thing that you can imagine? Atom bomb. The sun. A colliding asteroid.

The CBC lists these:

  • The most powerful computer – The IMB Roadrunner. It processes 1 million billion calculations per second.
  • The most powerful weapon detonated – Big Ivan Hydrogen bomb. It can vaporize everything in a 64 mile radius of its target. (The Soviet Union did in 1961)
  • The most powerful poison on earth – Botulinum toxin. A gram of the toxin can kill a million people. (Yet it is used in Botox.)
  • Most powerful enguine – Wartsila-Sulzer boat engine.
  • Strongest creature – Rhinoceros beetle. It can lift 850 times it’s body weight. (1)

As you know, power is measured in a lot of different ways, as seen above. But the interesting thing about power is, it always comes from somewhere. Power has a source. All life needs power to live and that power has a source.

You are living, you need power, what is your source?

Think of an electric vehicle for a moment and let’s make some comparisons.

Electric vehicles (EV’s) are powered by one or more electric motors. The motor is powered by a source- either a battery or an “extra vehicle source” that could be a plug in, fuel cell, or combination called a hybrid. The source fills it with power which is stored in the battery.

The EV’s source is a charging station, where after a set range of miles has been achieved, the vehicle will need to be recharged. Charging is either “topping off” the battery or empty to full recharging, but most charging is topping off.

The batteries degrade over time. With the repeated charging and discharging, along with thermal wear over time, energy is reduced, and range/performance is affected. Extreme cold and hot conditions degrade the battery slowly over time, reducing it’s capacity to hold a charge too.

In what ways are you and I like that EV?

  • We run on power, and need a power source with frequent recharging
  • Our heart is our battery. It holds a charge or is so degraded it won’t hold a charge anymore
  • The distance we can go is dependent on our power source and the condition of our heart to hold that charge
  • Our effectiveness and performance is dependent on the quality of our charge
  • Without frequent recharging, we get no where
  • We can look good, be worth alot, and impress others, but unless our battery (heart) is charged, it doesn’t matter. We just sit in the garage
  • Where we get our charge is important.

Let me address that last bullet point – where we get our charge is important.

You see, EV’s have different types of plugs and distinctive charging ports. So, you have to know what plug your car uses, because not all stations or ports are compatible.

Unfortunately, there are many people in this world who are trying to charge their life with money, influence, accomplishments or other things. But those will not hold a charge in your heart nor power your life effectively.

Because we were each created in the image of God, whether we are the EV Hummer with a 212 kWh battery or the Chevy Bolt with a 65 kWh battery, we all need a God sized adapter for charging. And that, my friend is for DC charging – Level 3. The fastest charge available. None of this level 1 or Level 2 charging. When God is our power source, we have direct current, direct contact with the most powerful source on the planet.

If you’re honest, you’d have to admit that there are way too many times that you have found yourself running on empty. Barely making it by on the fumes of some past energy or inspiration. THAT is the time for an immediate recharge. THAT is the time to plug into your power source. The One that requires the God-sized adapter, cuz influence, money, and all the good stuff that you do will not charge you fully or lasting.

Check your heart. Has it degraded and worn out by the constant charges in our social climate? Is it just plain tired? Is a charge even enough for your heart or do you need an entirely new heart (battery) altogether?

Isn’t it time for you to plug again into your power source. The Almighty God. The greatest power source in this universe offers you this –

You satisfy my every desire with good things. You’ve supercharged my life so that I can soar again.”

Psalms 103:5 TPT

Aren’t you ready for a supercharge? I know that last week, I sure was.

So I plugged into my power source – God. How ’bout you?


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