Hey Jude Part 2

Let’s Not Forget Jude 5-16

As we continue from last time, (see “Jude,Things are Really Bad” post) let’s first recap byt stating that Jude was addressing the morally unrestrained teachings that had found their way into the church and his society. His clarion call was for believers to vigorously contend for the faith that was delivered to them by the Apostles. We found last time, that when believers do so, they can take a sad situation and make it better. Jude’s next vital message to us could be summarized with, “Let’s not forget”.

Forget what? Let’s take a look.

I need to remind you of this.” verses 4-7

  • The Lord saved his people out of Egypt, but destroyed the unbelievers.
  • Even the angels who left their assigned authority were judged & sentenced.
  • Sodom & Gomorrah’s sexually immoral society was consumed in the fires of judgment.

While living in the midst of the kinkiest of perversions known to mankind, Jude reminds us that judgment has and will continue to come upon such practices. Jehovah is a just God who will always deliver the believer in Him but that same justice must judge unrighteousness. No one is exempt, not angels or humans.

I need to remind you about blasphemers.” verses 8-10

  • They are sensual dreamers
  • They corrupt and pollute the natural realm
  • They reject spiritual realms of governmental power
  • They scoff at heavenly things
  • They insult all that they don’t understand
  • They behave like animals, doing whatever they feel like doing
  • They live by animal instincts
  • How terrible it is for them

Again, Jude calls out what he sees in society without backing down. Blunt. Categorical. Plainspoken. The false ideologies and practices of the ungodly mock at, and reject spiritual truths while indulging in sensuality, and all forms of self satisfaction and gratification.

They have followed– verse 11-

  • The steps of Cain
  • Balaam’s error
  • Korah’s rebellion

Three Old Testament rebels who lead many astray are given as examples of what will happen to the blashemers. Each of them and their followers were destroyed by God’s judgment.

In Cain we see the picture of man offering to God the fruit of his own works rather than the faith in God’s blood sacrifice. Balaam shows us a spiritual man who was motivated by money and financial gain. Korah led a rebellion against the leadership of Moses. These three did as they pleased, just like this current generation. They suffered God’s judgment, just like every generation will.

Jude offers one last note regarding the things we should not forget, pertaining to the false teachers and ideologies of the day.

The dangers of false teachers/teachings – verses 12-13

  • They are hidden reefs – their disguised teachings will shipwreck lives, churches and societies
  • They are clouds without rain, swept along by winds– they show the promise of refreshing & growth but are empty and influenced by evil spirits
  • They are fruitless trees in autum– looking good and productive on the ourside, but when fruit is needed, there is none. They are twice dead – on the inside and the outside.
  • They are wild waves, bringing only stormy seas of shame to the people they impact
  • They are wandering stars – all they give is misleading advice

These are brilliantly, vivid metaphors revealing the absolute futility of false teachings. They offer us no hope, are empty, deceitful, and deadly. They were in Jude’s day, they are in ours.

Jude’s admonition is that the false teachings of unbridled sexual fantacies and lifestyles, will, indeed be judged. verses14-16

He repeats the idea of certain judgment coming to:

  • all
  • those who are ungoldly
  • the ungodly, blasphemers
  • grumblers
  • malcontents
  • those who follow sinful, selfish pursuits
  • loudmouthed boasters
  • seductive flatters who manipulate others

In these few verses, Jude warns us all that perverted, sensual ideas and lifestyles are nothing new. They have been around for generations. He reminds us that in the midst of such depravity, God is always looking for the righeous and will reward them for their faith in Him. He reminds us that judgment is coming for all, and he reminds us that the ungodly will, in justice will be judged.

Would you look around you, look for hidden reefs, waterless clouds, fruitless trees, wild waves, and wandering stars. They surround us. The are dangerous and deadly. Don’t be fooled. They are loudmouthed, and seductive, and they will manipulate you, your ideas, and your faith.

Their scoffing at spiritual things and brute beast instincts will lead them the way of Cain, Balaam, and Korah. In the end their unrepentant lifestyles will lead them to be swallowed up by God’s judgment.

In these days, we, each, must distinguish truth from lies.

We may be surrounded by the ungodly, but let’s not forget the truth of God’s Word.

Hey Jude, we’re with you.


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