Equity Changes Society

Developers now must include serving the underserved in their build outs and developments. Local and national governmental bodies must adopt social equity in their goals. Businesses and community groups are expected to promote inclusive citizen engagement. Schools, activities, churches, and temples have been impacted by equity. “Equity is spreading like wildfire”. (1)

According to Lisa Dunn –

D.E.I. encompasses the symbolic relationship, philosophy, and culture of acknowledging, embracing, supporting, and accepting those of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds among other differentiators.”

The Inclusion Hub, 11.6.2020

It’s goal is “to transform society into a more just place”, she adds.

On June 21, 2021, President Biden signed an executive order advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion accessibility in the Federal Government. In it, we find – (2)

  • All agencies accessing and eliminating all barriers faced by the underserved
  • All agencies establish or elevate Chief Diversity Officers
  • Expand D.E.I. training
  • Address workplace harassment
  • Reduce unpaid internships
  • Advance pay equity
  • Equity for the disabled
  • Advance LGBTQ+ equity
  • Develop new recruitment partnerships
  • Expand employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Advance professional development
  • Improves data collection

Again, the goal is to change society (to a more just place).

The argument(s) can be made for all viewpoints on this issue, yours and the other guys – so let’s be honest. My purpose here is not to engage in any of that.

My purpose is to insert the idea that all of this has been presented to us, as a society, as a counterfeit to the truth of what God’s kingdom is designed to exemplify here on earth.

A counterfeit is an “imitation or copy of (something), usually with the intent to defraud.To make a pretense of; feign. To carry on a deception; disemble.” (3)

How do you know if something is fake? Well, with currency here’s what we’re told: (4)

  1. Feel the paper
  2. Tilt the note
  3. Check the light

Isn’t it interensting that it all depends of FEEL, SLANT, and LIGHT?!

The light that is needed to reveal counterfeits, is the light that Jesus Christ brought into our world. He came as The Light, The Way, and The Truth. His kingdom is one of light, truth, equity and justice. His light shines to dispel darkness, reveal true equity and inclusion.

Those that followed Him were as diverse as could be. They included fishermen, tax collectors, lawyers, prostitutes, lepers, religious zealots, governmental leaders, men, women, and chidren. He challenged ethnic sterotypes and prejudices, wrecked the current religious thinking, and showed empathy and impartiality to all. The kingdom He brought was one of true diversity, acceptance, inclusion, and equity.

He equalized us all. He brought righteousness and extended it to every nation, culture, and human on the planet.

But now the righteousness of God has been manifested… the righteousness of God through faith in Jesus Christ for all who believe.”

Romans 3:21-22 ESV

That word “righteousness” in the Greek, actually means – “equity (of character or act). Taken from, right. Just as it ought to be.”

Now, since Jesus has come, He offers authentic, genuine, and bona fide equity. Through faith in Him, we find ourselves and our society changed – “just as it ought to be.” Living for Him, in the kingdom of Light, we recognize counterfeit truth, bills, and philosophies. We see the spin and tilt of worldly ideologies and we feel that uneasiness within our spirit as we see godly principles, that once made us “a city set on a hill”, erroding from our society.

Aristotle wasn’t the first to introduce numerical or proportional equity. Equity has been in the character of God, for all eternity. God is an eternal Spirit, outside of our understanding, whose power far exceeds any that we can fathom, and whose character brilliantly displays all that we have ever thought honorable, ethical, decent, respected, and virtuous.

Because God is immutable, trends mean nothing to Him. He has forever radiated equity, diversity and inclusion, and sent Jesus to bring all peoples into His marvelous light of diverse acceptance and unconditional love – just as it ought to be. In His wisdom and love he offers light and truth to all, but never forces it upon anyone. As a covenant-keeping God, His righteousness, (equity) sealed by the blood of Jesus Christ, is now operational and offered to all who will believe.

Equity changes society. It is designed to. That is it’s intended purpose.

The question tho’, will we settle for the counterfeit or press in to know and live by the authentic? Both are available.

Jesus’ righteous equity, and it’s manifestation in our cities, will truly transform society. For that to happen tho’, His light must shine through His people in the magnificient power of His love to all. Lord, help us to let the light of your love reveal counterfeit slants and feelings, in ourselves and in others. Let the light of your love embrace all who are broken. Let the light of your love expose the shady, dark, and creepy. Let the light of your acceptance shine on all and make our society truly just.

“Equity is spreading like wildfire” and may it be the righteous, equity of the kingdom of Light, for “that is as it ought to be”.

All the best,



  1. Stanford Social Innovation Review
  2. WH.gov June 25, 2021 Fact Sheet
  3. American Heritage Dictionary of English Language, 5th edition
  4. USCurrency.gov.howtospotcounterfeitnotes

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