Beyond the Twilight Zone

Are you old enough to remember one of the greatest TV series of all time, (1) which ran from 1959-1964, Rod Sterling’s, “The Twilight Zone”? Or maybe you’ll recall one of it’s three revivals from 1985, 2002 or 2019? In these twenty-five minute episodes we would follow people dealing with disturbing or unusual events and the narrator would refer to it as “we are entering the twilight zone”. Well today, I would like to take you to the zone that I believe we are now living in, beyond the twilight zone.

On our planet, there are five ocean zones. They are:

  • Sunlit zone
  • Twilight zone
  • Midnight zone
  • Abyssal zone
  • Hadal zone

You will notice that the zone beyond the twilight zone is the midnight zone, also known as the “bathypelagic” zone. This area of the ocean represents over 70% of all sea water and is actually the largest living space on earth. It is home to the planet’s largest ecosystem and life there likely outnumbers all other animals on earth.

Life beyond the twilight zone, in the midnight zone is harsh. In these midwaters:

  • there is no light
  • therefore there is no photosynthesis of plant life
  • water pressure is 100-400 atmospheres & increases 1 atm. every 10 meters
  • it is cold- constantly at 39 degrees
  • “marine snow” or dead organisms from above are what generally feeds it’s population (POM = particulate organic matter)
  • animals have adapted (were designed) to live here
  • some have extra large eyes, like the owl fish – seeking light
  • others have tiny eyes, like the whale fish – feeling for vibrations instead
  • because they catch downward falling “scraps” their jaws jet out or come unhinged – like the 167 species of angler fish
  • many also have backward facing, sharp teeth – like the most dominate predator here – the dragon fish
  • in this 2 1/2 mile deep swath of water (3,300-13,000 ft. deep) is where “human knowledge remains limited”, says Bruce Robinson, Monterey Bay Aquarium

This is life beyond the twilight zone, in the zone of darkness and absence of light, at the top of the abyss (abyssal zone), under extreme pressure, with few feeding opportunities, and where odd looking creatures are still being discovered. I submit to you, this is the metaphoric space that we find our culture in today.

Folks, we are dealing with some disturbing and unusual events, and have stepped beyond the twilight zone.

Would it surprise you to find that the “bathypelagic” zone may even be mentioned in scripture?

But to the rest of you in Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching, who have not learned what some call the deep things of satan…”

Revelation 2:24 ESV

The word translated “deep” is the Greek word “bathos” (G899 Strongs) from which bathypelagic originates -the area beyond the twilight zone in life. Could that deep, dark, unknown, region be a picture of satan’s realm? Could that area beyond the twilight zone represent the area of the deep things of satan?

Contextually, in Revelation where this verse is located, John, the writer is telling of a revelation he sees of the Son of God speaking a warning to the church in Thyatira, which is modern day Akhisar, in western Turkey. The warning to them is that they:

tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrifice to idols.”

Revelation 2:20 ESV

After spending several verses rebuking the tolerant, permissive, compromising, mixture of sexual immorality allowances and idolatrous practices of Jezebel, the Spirit refers to those who have NOT held to those deep, dark practices of satan. The Spirit commends those who have not explored, participated in and experienced those evil practices.

Here, the Holy Spirit is commending those who DO NOT TOLERATE such teachings.

In a culture where tolerance is trumpeted daily, the Holy Spirit is calling a people to not tolerate those deep, dark teachings of satan, which seek to mix, permit, and allow immorality and idolatry and work to deceive people that these practices should be tolerated and accepted.

In this space of time that we are now living, beyond the twilight zone, the deep recesses of man’s heart are being exposed. Where in those cold, dark hearts there is no light- vile, perverted, evil, creatures are arising from those deep imaginations of the evil spirits found the midnight zone, the bathos. Man’s ideas of sexuality, man’s ideas of what is to be reverred, man’s ideas of what tolerance is comes welling up out of those deep, dark places.

This is where the light of the Holy Spirit must shine forth from His people. This is where those who have not tolerated the odd looking creatures coming from satan’s dark underworld will rise and shine in love, power and absolute allegiance to God’s Truth. Without compromise, the truths of God will be upheld and boldly stood for, and the deception of darkness not tolerated.

If the picture of this midnight zone (bathypelagic) is a true one of this day and age, then let’s remember,

human knowledge remains limited here.”

Monterey Bay Aquarium

That is why we must tap into God’s knowledge, strategies, wisdom, and love. We are in a spiritual battle and must war against the darkness with spiritual weapons, not man’s.

False teachings abound, Jezebels spewing satan’s filth surround us. Temptation to give in and tolerate perverted ideas and philosophies is ever present. A “tolerant” church, gospel message, or love that is accepting of things that violate God’s Word or standard must be avoided. Let’s not be fooled. In God’s plan, tolerance is not acceptance.

Where darkness abounds, grace abounds even more. But grace apart from repentance is no grace at all – it is ungodly tolerance.

The region beyond the twilight zone is vast, cold, having no “son”light, no growth and tons of pressure. We are living in it, dark and deep.

But our light, and saltiness must prevail. That is why the challenge to those in Thyatira was –

Hold fast what you have til I come.”

Revelation 2:25 ESV

My friend, God’s standards are what we hold on to in this midnight zone. His light, His truth, His love. We are not to participate in or experience those deep things of satan. We have been called to leave behind the hidden works of darkness, the deceptive and evil temptations of Jezebel. Come out of the midnight zone, leaving the bathypelagic darkness behind.

I realize that this word is not an easy one, but the life we are living, beyond the twilight zone is a harsh one and hopefully we can live with the insight of the Holy Spirit’s light.



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