Alarming Similiarities Between Esther’s Day and Ours

As you know, if you’re a regular reader/follower, I have mad respect for the Bible. For in it, we find truths for our life. Some are obvious, (like “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted”), and others are in less familiar stories and characters. Esther is one of those characters of the Old Testament that is moderately familiar. She’s no match for Moses or Abraham, but can run neck and neck with Deborah and Miriam. You will be amazed at the alarming similiarities between her day and our day.

The Book of Esther is hidden away in the Old Testament, in the mix with Ezra, Nehemiah, and Job – books not easily or often found. It is a history book and covers the Persian Empire 460 BC – 350 BC. It is included as part of the Jewish collection known as the Five Megilloth, which were books read publically at their feasts. Esther was read at the Feast of Purim.

Through the years, some scholars have argued that Esther should not be included in the Canon of scripture because no where in the book is God even mentioned; which seems like a perfect place to start when comparing today with Esther’s day, doesn’t it?

In a day and hour when the mention of God is ridiculed, and often violently protested, we see God’s soverign plan over a nation take preeminence over the best laid plans of evil men -just as it was in Esther’s day with evil Haman. You can see it too today. The main emphasis in Esther is God’s soverign plan and His care for His people. The exact same thing can be said for today in America. God may be unseen, but His providence is not.

Let’s look closely at the similiarities I see. (You can follow these in the book of Esther, the chapter numbers listed.)

1. Men/women – man/wife rules, war on the patriarchy.

The Persian King, Ahasuerus or Xerxes demonstrated a prideful display of his prosperity by throwing a banquet that lasted 180 days. During this feast each man was allowed to do as he desired. Drunk Xerxes called for his queen, and she refused his drunken order. This was a threat to the patriarchy for if she dishonored her husband, then all the women of the kingdom would follow suit. Xerxes orderd that, every man be master of his own household. The queen was removed.

This war with the patriarchy is going on now and the truth of God’s Word where a man and woman shall live together as one has been twisted and perverted.

2. Eunuchs grooming women.

The King had in his leadership cabinet, seven eunuch’s, who are named by name in Esther chapter 2. These were men who were actually casterated. Even the word used in the Hebrew means, “to casterate, a valet, a minister of the state.” (H5631) These seven were charged with grooming women to be the next queen. Esther was one of many, and she did become queen.

Do you see the similiarities? Do you see men attempting to groom women, fashion them, change them. Change the way we see women, define women, treat women. Physically altered men, “mansplaining” what a women is?

3. The spirit of Haman is released.

Haman, the evil guy we mentioned earlier, wanted to destroy all of God’s people. Literally. His authority was established and everyone had to submit to it. Esther’s uncle, Mordecai did not, however and this ticked off Haman. Learning Mordecai was a Jew, Haman’s plot was set. He told the King there was “no profit in tolerating them” and they should be ” destroyed, killed and annhilated.” This was publicized (the bible’s words, not mine), and the territory was in confusion.

In a speech a few weeks ago, I heard our President say some very disparaging things about “white, Christian, nationalists”. I turned to my husband and said, “I am white, a Christian and I love America, I guess that’s me.” I beleive the spirit of Haman has been released upon our nation (and world) with the same claim, there is not profit in tolerating them. Hasn’t it even been publicized? Will there be an order to destroy, kill and annhiliate folks like me?

4. The call to arise.

In this confusion the Jews mourn, Mordecai mourns and Esther, who is now the Queen is notified. She is asked to approach the King on behalf of her people, and beg for a stay of execution. Her uncle told her that just maybe that is why she has become Queen, for this very reason. She was fearful, and called for a three-day fast. Men, women, children and animals were to fast and pray and beseech God for His mercy.

Under a similiar edict of death and destruction of the values of our nation, we have been called to arise, to seek in prayer and fasting God’s help for our nation and it’s evil unraveling. To see the bedrock values of faith and freedom restored, and for righteousness to again lift up this nation. Not evil, violence, lies, darkness, and hatred. Let’s pray more than ever.

5. The stage is set.

Esther uses a brilliant, God-given strategy to expose Haman’s evil plot.

God is setting the stage right now by putting people in the right places with the right strategies to expose the evil plots intended to harm, destroy and kill God’s purposes.

6. Delayed Honor

In the face of death threats, Mordecai’s good deed done years before, was honored and rewarded by the King.

No good deed will go unnoticed or unrewarded by God when the time is right. It may look like evil, but God is turning it for good.

7. Reversal

The very gallows that Haman had built to hang Mordecai on were where he was hanged by the King’s men, when Esther revealed his evil plot of destruction for God’s people. Mordecai was promoted.

The evil plans to destroy Christians and their weak faith, will backfire on those espousing it. They will find themselves destroyed because God will turn their evil plans back on their own heads. Sorry. (not sorry)

8. The decree to defend selves.

Although the law publicized to annhiliate the Jews could not be changed, the King gave his signet ring to Mordecai and allowed he and Esther to write a new law that would allow the Jews to defend themselves on their day of destruction. The king allowed them to “write as you please.”

The day will come, when the government leaders will rewrite the perverted, evil laws, and all believers will have the freedom to freely defend themselves against all evil plans, words, charges, and accusations.

9. Victory achieved.

The very day set for the Jewish annhiliation was the day that the Jews “gained mastery over those who hated them.” Mordecai became more powerful and Purim was instituted.

That day is coming, my friend. Not for the Jews again, but for believers and others who have had the government trying to master them, retrain them, strip them of their values, and our country of it’s freedoms. Those who seek to master us “white, Christian, nationalists”, will themselves be Mastered by The Master. Victory will come only through Jesus, we will always remember and celebrate that.

10. Recorded for posterity.

Chapter 10 of Esther is only 3 verses long. What more can be said? Basically, Mordecai is the hero, and there are many other books that tell his accomplishments, his love for his people, his country, and the peace that came upon all.

Those who cling to the Word and plan of God are heros. Those who walk in faith, prayer and fasting are heros. Those who plead God’s case before the King of Kings are heros. Those who trust God in the midst of dark, confusing times are heros.

I understand that this is a different blog and format, but it is so important for our day. These truths so resonated in my heart that I felt compelled to share them with whoever will read and listen. These days are dark, but as you can see, they are not without God’s light shining through. He may not be mentioned but His plan of reversal is rolling ahead. Even if we cannot see Him, He is working.

Our focus must remain on Him and not the confusing, evil tactics of the dark. We are in a spiritual warfare. An evil Haman spirit has been unleashed, but “greater is He in you than he who’s in the world.” Remember that, we win, reversal is on it’s way.

We’ve seen the similiarities between our day and Esther’s.


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