Good Friday. What’s So Good About It?

It may or may not be Friday there, as you are reading this, but typically Friday’s are considered good, and long awaited for each week. Even restauranteurs understand this, just think TGIF. But the Friday we’re talking about happens once a year, and is always the Friday before Easter. It is called Good Friday because on this Friday, Jesus Christ was beaten, whipped, mocked and crucified. That doesn’t sound so good, does it, so what’s so good about it?

I’ll go short on the back story, but summarize it with this –

  • Jesus Christ, a recognized prophet to the Jews, was accused of religious rule breaking
  • He was accused of declaring Himself to be one with God
  • Other false charges were trumpt up against him
  • He performed miracles, healed the sick, helped the oppressed, chose disciples, fasted, prayed and taught multitudes
  • Based upon these facts, he was sentenced to death by cricufixion at the hands of the Roman soldiers
  • He was beated and then nailed to a cross, alongside two other thieves, where he died
  • He was buried in a cave type tomb
  • The tomb was guarded by soldiers (because they were afraid his disciples would steal his body)
  • On the third day, his tomb was found empty
  • He was seen by over 500 witnesses after that, over a period of forty days
  • When he was last seen, he miraculously ascended into heaven and was not seen again on earth

That Good Friday was a day of pain, suffering, torment, abandonment, lonliness, ridicule, betrayal, humiliation, sadness, loss, shame, confusion, purpose, and destiny. What’s so good about that?

From where we sit, there is nothing good about all that suffering and pain. It was difficult for the disciples to even watch, they all fled. His Mother couldn’t bear to see it all. What good could possibly come from it? How could this be considered good?

How could God allow such pain to his “only begotten son”? If God were present, wouldn’t He stop the suffering? Is this how God demonstrates his love? By apparent absence?

On face value and first look, this Good Friday seemed anything but good. C’mon, let’s be real.

Not only was Jesus murdered, his disciples scattered and locked themselves away behind closed doors in fear. His followers were in shock and disbelief. Here they had believed in Him and His abilities, now they were shaken and doubted. His family saw come to pass what they secretly dreaded, that something bad would happen to Him. Hopes were dashed. Hearts were broked. The future now looked as bleak as ever.

No new kingdom. No freedom from Rome’s tyranny. No place in this once promised kingdom. Back to fishing…back to normal…where is the good?

No one that I know of has gone through anything close to what Jesus went through that Good Friday. Let me be clear.

But I can also firmly state that each of us have experienced times when we look at what was happening in our life and wonder, “How can anything good come out of this?” Haven’t you? I know I have.

Can something good really come out of this job loss? Is this move really a good one? How can this empty house be good? He was taken way too soon, how can that be good? She’s caught in that cycle and will never escape, nothing good will come of it.

At our core, we understand the accusation of, “That can’t be good”, because we have lived it. We have struggled through it, trying to find the good in the rubble.

What’s so good about it?

And we know (with great confidence) that God (who is deeply concerned about us) causes all things to work together (as a plan) for good for those who love God…”

Romans 8:28 AMP

The event, pain, betrayal, loss or feeling is not good, but what comes from it is. In everything in our life, God is there and He is working His plan in it to bring good from it. Something good will come from it. Good will blossom eventually. Good will be seen as God’s plan unfolds. “It” is not good, but God is working “it” for good. Just give Him time and trust His plan.

Even Jesus had to do that.

Jesus’ trust in God was such that even in the most horrifically, brutal pain He suffered, His joy was focused on what God was working on for good. Even as He breathed His last breath, He knew God’s plan was at work and when He opened His eyes again, He would be with His Father, reunited again. And boy, oh boy, was that good!

Those punches, lashes, and nail pierced hands were part of God’s plan to bring YOU good, relief, peace, and healing in your pain. The shedding of Jesus’ blood that Good Friday, that looked so horrible, purchased our salvation. The seemingly hopeless crucifixion, three days later was death and hell’s death blow. His horrible Good Friday, brought to us a victorious, new life in Christ!

THAT’S what’s so good about Good Friday.

But remember, Good Friday is a reminder to us that even when it seems like God is not there for us, He is, and He is working His plan for good in our life.


One thought on “Good Friday. What’s So Good About It?

  1. Andrew

    Very nice and thought provoking message for this Easter in 2023. If we can take a pause from our chaotic life and do a quick inventory of the miracles that have occurred in your life as a result of the suffering of Jesus it should be a humbling experience of remembrances and thankfulness. Let us give praise and thanksgiving for He has done great things for us out of Agape Love.

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