The Lord Is My Shepherd

Psalm 23:1- The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Last time we talked about people being like sheep without a shepherd, (see previous blog) and were reminded that King David (who at the time was a shepherd) proudly declared, “The Lord is my shepherd!”.What a boastful pronouncement! What confidence and connection.

How could a mere mortal, made from clay, claim to be connected to and led by the diety? How could David assert that the creator of the universe in all of its vastness is his Lord, his shepherd? Here was David, made in God’s image (like each and every human), claiming connection with the Lord, Jehovah God, creator of all things, author and originator of all life actually leading him.

David was basically saying, “Look who MY owner is! The Lord is my manager, my boss, my caregiver, my provider, my shelter, my shepherd.” “I belong to His flock, He is MY shepherd”. David was announcing God’s legitimate claim on His life. “I belong to Him because he created me.” David recognized and yielded to God’s claim on His life.

As a shepherd David knew that each of his or any flock bore the mark of it’s shepherd. With an awl-like tool, an ear of each sheep would be marked with a permanent label, forever identifying it as belonging to his flock. David was publicizing to all that he had been marked by his shepherd, the Lord, and would forever belong to Him, to His flock, all the days of his life.

This is where each of us begins with our connection to the Shepherd. We begin by acknowledging His claim on our life. Acknowledging He is our Lord, shepherd, manager and boss. Recognizing His right, as our creator to our ownership, and willingly being marked by the cross upon which He died. He bought me, He owns me. I gladly and proudly proclaim, “The Lord is my shpeherd.”

I shall not want.

Psalm 23:1 ESV

To “want” is to lack. To not “want” is to be content.

The shepherd was the one responsible for the welfare of the flock. The sheep’s care, protection, and well being fell solely on the shepherd. The care they received depended on their shepherd. Whether they had grass to graze in, fresh water to drink, a roof over their head, their wool groomed and injuries tended to depended on who their shepherd was.

Not all flocks are watched 24/7. Not every flock is defended against all predators. Not all sheep were fortunate enough to always have plush grazing, shaded rest spots, healing medicines, and other healthy sheep to hang out with.

But David had experienced all of those provisions from his shepherd – the Lord. He was never in want knowing that his shepherd was tending to his every need. Peace permeated his life because the Prince of Peace was his shepherd. There was an assurance that the Good Shepherd was never sleeping and would never leave him. He would lack nothing with the Lord as his shepherd.

The Lord, our shepherd is filled with such love for His flock that he leaves the 99 sheep safely in the pen to go after that one who is forever wandering off. He searches for and finds it, putting it on His shoulders and carries it back to the fold to be cared for.

There is danger in our world, for there are many who would seek to drive you, dear sheep, as your shepherd. But the care they provide you is lacking. The pasture is barren and the water polluted. There is no protection from the ravenous wolves and predators who seek to devour you. The Good Shepherd is not caring for you and you are not content. You live in danger and want, lack.

“No man can serve two masters…”

To come under the care of The Good Shepherd begins by acknowledging that He is your Lord – The Lord, is your shepherd. You’re not following any other leader, voice, manager or shepherd. The Lord is your shepherd and you will follow Him. You recognize His claim on your life and you willinging present yourself to His leading and care. You will trust Him and you will not lack, for He is YOUR Good Shepherd.

Who we follow determines our spiritual health. Who our shepherd is matters because that shepherd’s claims on our life will either satisfy us or destroy us.

Do you belong to Him? Is the Lord YOUR shepherd?


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