This short lil video, I hope will encourage you to consider in your commitments – not just being committed to the goal or product (like loosing weight), but remaining strongly committed to the process by which that goal will be reached. Without commitment to the long-term process, the goal will never be reached.

Go ahead, click it on now.

The truth revealed here is – to commit our life to the Lord is a process of rolling our cares, weakensses, fears and controls onto the Lord. Much like rolling a stone on a road. It is a process of persistent rolling and trusting. It is a commitment to continue rolling things upon Him, rather that carry that heavy stone around each day. It is a decision to stick with it (the process) as well as to reach our goal (being free of burdens) and trusting Him.

Psalms 37:5 says, “Commit your ways to the Lord and He will bring it to pass.” In fact, that word “commit” in the Hebrew is “gilgal” which means – “to roll away, roll off, remove; to trust.” (H1556) So when we commit our life to Him, we are literally rolling our burdens, cares, and controls off of our mind and back and onto Him. That is the process, and our trusting the Lord to bring things to pass is the goal or product.

The cool thing is that in John 20, we see that Mary Magdelene, a committed follower of Jesus, during probably one of her darkest times, early one morning, following the death of Jesus, came of her own volition to the tomb where He was. And what did she find? “The stone had been rolled away.”

Isn’t is interesting that that phrase is used!? The very rolling away of her burdens onto Jesus while He was alive and her commitment to that process no matter what, led Mary into a situation where God literally rolled away the stone and brought to pass what she hoped for – the resurrection of Jesus.

God brought it to pass because she committed her way(s) to the Lord.

Could it be said that her commitment to the process of trusting God actually rolled away the stone? I don’t know. But could it be said that your commitment to rolling your cares onto God will produce a similiar outcome in your life?


As we persist in rolling our cares upon Him we too will find God will bring it to pass. He will take care of things.

That’s a deal I will take any day.

How’s your commitment to the process?


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