Preparing For Your Exodus #2

Part 2 – God Shows Up

It is time for you to leave your personal constraints, captivity, and drudgery, because God is preparing you for your exodus.

Events, people, issues, and governments have all been part of God’s plan to prepare for a mass exodus and freeing of people to walk in His promises. He is preparing all things for His set time of favor and release., for the rising up of His people and the showing off of His great and powerful name. Nothing has been wasted, useless, unseen or ignored. He has seen it all (as we taught last time) and is moving on your behalf.

Today’s post is part 2 of a 5 part series – Preparing For Your Exodus. And our topic today is God Shows Up.

Last time we saw that God sees, and hears, and remembers all we have faced. The battles, hurts, oppression, and unjust dealings. We encouraged ourselves knowing that He knows and has not left us alone.

In fact, in the book of Exodus after we are told that God sees (our situation), it follows next that God shows up. We read it in Exodus chapter 3, and from there I will glean these points.

The story goes that Moses was at work, keepng his flock when an angel appears to him in a bush filled with fire. The text tells us –

He looked, and behold, the bush was burning, yet it was not consumed. And Moses said, “I will turn aside to see this great sight, why the bush is not burned.”

Exodus 3:2-3 ESV

This is interesting and has two very important points that have ramifications for us.

First, let me say that in these days, the Lord is showing up in our lives in unusual ways. The signs are there of His showing up in our life, but we have to notice them. Here are the two points for us to chew on.

  1. Moses looked– Moses stopped what he was doing and actually noticed the sign – the bush on fire. The sign was there, but Moses had to look at it, notice it. So too, must we. There are signs in our life that we need to stop and look at closely, notice what is happening and ask why. We must also look.
  2. Moses turned aside – noticing was not enough for Moses. Just looking at the firey sign in his life was not sufficient. Moses actually changed his position, direction and focus – he turned toward the sign. He turned toward what he saw God doing. He asked questions, pondered, sought explanations. His action was altered by what he saw and he turned toward it, not away from it. If we are to experience a release and an exodus, so too must we turn toward what God is doing and the signs we see from Him in our life. May we join Moses in saying, “I will turn aside and see this great thing that the Lord is doing.”

It is interesting to note that when Moses noticed and turned then,

When the Lord saw that he turned aside to see, God called to him out of the bush, “Moses, Moses.”

Exodus 3:4 ESV

When we not only notice what God is doing in our life but turn aside to see and question God’s signs, God shows up.

These are days of NOTICING and TURNING. The signs are all over. Do we notice them? That is the start of our change, the starting point for things to happen for you. Your deliverence, setting free, your release, your total utilization in God’s plan.

It is in the turning towards what God is doing and towards His signs that God speaks to us with direction and encouragement. God shows up!

When God shows up – here’s what Moses experienced and what we can experience too: (from Exodus 3)

  • He calls you by name v. 4
  • He establishes His holiness v. 5
  • He reaffirms His covenant v. 6
  • We fear v. 6
  • He assures us He sees v. 7-9
  • He reaffirms His love and promises v. 8
  • He calls us out v. 10
  • He remembers (crying people and fearful followers) v. 7, 17
  • He promises to give us a sign as we move out v. 12 This doesn’t come tho’ until after we have obeyed and so it requires faith.
  • He reveals His name- I AM WHO I AM v. 14 Yahweh. This is His name forever.
  • I AM will set you free v. 20

When God shows up, things change. We change. And we begin our exodus.

God sees your situation. He hears your conversations and knows your thoughts. He is preparing you for a great release and a life of living in His promises. His desire is to show up and reveal Himself to you. Whether you have walked with Him or are part of the crowd that sees signs and wonder what’s happening.

Moses’ encounter at the burning bush is for you and me and is for today.

There is something grandiose burning for those who will NOTICE and TURN to God. He will show up for you in ways you never imagined and release you from years of personal chains so you can enter into the fulness of His promises for you.

Notice and turn and watch God show up in you life and lead you in your exodus.


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