Open Enrollment

Tis the season for evaluating your plan and updating your benefits. Is your current plan sufficient, has it changed, do you need more and better coverage, do you know the full extent of your coverage?

Recently, on a call with our insurance broker, my husband was asked these and other quite specific questions regarding our Medicare plan. (Yes, we’re THAT old.) My husband was made to list specific medicines, doctors, procedures, dates, and desires. It was a thorough evaluation of his needs. I was next, and Den answered for me as well.

When the questions were finished, our guy confidently told us, “I can help you, and, it won’t cost you a thing”. Now that was super exciting because we had been paying nearly $400./month for supplemental insurance coverage.

Needless to say, the following week we took advantage of our open enrollment period and upgraded our benefits for FREE! Medical, Vision, Dental, Hospitalization, and more… for free!

The next morning I woke up with this in my mind,

… forget not all His benefits.”

Psalms 103:5 ESV

During this season of spiritual open enrollment, let’s take a moment here to compare our current plan and the benefits that are available for free to us because of Jesus, who –

Daily loads us with benefits.

Psalms 68:19 KJV

What are the benefits available to us, at no cost to us? For a simple and concise list, take a look at Psalm 103:3-19. We will focus on verses 3-6.

  1. He forgives your sins – every one, verse 3. TPT says, “you’ve kissed my heart with forgiveness, in spite of all I’ve done”. There’s nothing that you have done that He will not forgive. Every one of your sins will be forgiven, IF you ask Him. No matter what you have done.
  2. He heals your diseases – every one, verse 3 Every sickness, malady and agony, every worn, weak and wounded part of you – inside and out He can heal.
  3. He has rescued you from hell, saved your life, verse 4. He actually bought you back from the devil and acted as your next of kin, to redeem you from the dark forces. He stood in for you and your deserved death. He saved you from eternal punishment in hell and banishment from His presence because He wants to spend eternity loving you.
  4. He has crowned you with love and mercy, verse 4. As His son or daughter, His love and mercy is our eternal crown, forever covering us and reminding us of all of His benefits. He is full of love and abounding in mercy toward us.
  5. He satisfies my every desire with good things, verse 5. He fills you up with more than enough, and totally to your complete satisfaction, AND with things that make you happy and please you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and provided ONLY by Him.
  6. Your youth is renewed like the eagles, verse 5. TPT says – “You’ve supercharged my life so that I soar again.” “Eagles” in this passage actually means “Griffon Vulture Eagle” (H5404) These eagles are the second largest bird in Europe and are the highest flying bird in the world. They have unbeleiveble eyesight, can eat anything and are very fast. These vulture/eagles while juveniles can migrate far and embark on long distance movements.

Griffon Vulture Eagle

This chapter is filled with MORE benefits that you are provided at no cost to you. AND the Bible in entiretiy is packed full of benefits to the believer who seeks to please the Lord. (Please print out the partial list of bible verses that I have added, showing some of His many benefits for us. )

Now is the time for you to consider, “Is your current plan sufficient?” Whatever it is that you have been depending on for your health and well being, is it enough? Is it time for you to update your benefits?

There is no need for you to be wrestling with guilt and shame over what you have done. YOU ARE FORGIVEN. It is a benefit that He has provided at no cost to you.

You have no sickness, malady or wound that He does not care about, feel your pain for, and provide healing from. It is included in His benefits for you.

He stepped up for you when the price was demanded for your sin, and paid it all, setting you completely free. Oh what love this benefit demonstrates for us!

The crown of the curse that permeates our thoughts, and seeks to keep us from believing in His mercy and acceptance for us has been replaced by an eternal crown of love and nutrure, as that of a womb cherishing a fetus. THIS is a benefit of being covered by God.

Those deep rooted desires that you have, unknown to all, were given to you by Him, and therefore He will surprise and delight you as He satisifies each one. You will get plenty of satisfaction! Who can match this benefit that the Lord provides to those that love him?

No matter your age, He will supercharge you and make you like the (griffon vulture) eagle. The one bigger than nearly all others, flying higher than any other, and with vision and strength superceeding most others. I know you are human, but this benefit empowers you to fly higher than most humans with strength that is not on the human spectrum

My friend, consider these benefits. Do you need to take advantage of these for the first time? Do you need an upgrade in your benefits? Do you need to better understand of each benefit? It is open enrollment so the time is now.

Jesus Christ paid your premium for full access to health, vision, dental, medical, and so much more. Your peace, hope, and purpose are included as your benefits. Your daily strength and provision is itimized in your coverage as well. Joy unspeakable, life abundant, and love that never fails are standard with God’s benefits.

God can help you, my friend, and it won’t cost you a dime. It is free to you because Jesus paid the full price. But we must accept His offer and daily walk in the benefits that He loads upon us. Knowledge of the benefits and faith attatched to each one, brings full coverage to us as we walk covered by the blood of Jesus.

Let’s take advantage of this open enrollment season to upgrade our benefits where needed and to more fully understand and apply His benefits in our life. OK?

Let’s not forget all His benefits.


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