This week, my husband and I joined a few friends and a thousand plus others in Pasadena, at the Ambassador Auditorium for a Let Us Worship event. It was personally exhilatarting, inspiring and empowering and I left knowing quite certainly, that those gathered there that night were being released into the world as ambassadors.

Ambassador Auditorium, Pasadena CA

And so, my mind began to wonder, “What is the job and responsibility of an ambassador?”. So guess what I studied??

Den and I

I think most of us are aware that in every country there are those who have the job of being an ambassador. They are living in a country, not their own, doing something for their home counrtry, but more than that, we barely care about or understand, right?

Let me give you some basic bullets for understanding a US ambassador: (1)

  • highest ranking representative of the US to a foreign country
  • his/her responsibility is to protect and promote US interests to the world
  • cannot override a foreign countries legal system
  • but can make sure American’s receive all rights they are entitled to
  • work long, hard hours, in remote and dangerous locations
  • in a crisis, the ambassador is the point man for America
  • direct all US government employees, foreign service officers & representatives of American agencies
  • building goodwill with government and civilian’s is an important duty
  • Benefits/perks –
  • a paid full time staff, free housing, body guards, car & driver, expense account, healthcare & retirement, diplomatic immunity

We are further told that an effective ambassador will possess these skills:

  • strong leader
  • good manager
  • resilient
  • negotiator
  • respected representative

When Joe Biden took office as President, as prescribed by Article II of the Constitution, one of his duties was to appoint ambassadors. He had 190 appointments, ranging from Albania to Zimbabwe, to submit to Congress for approval. In some ambassador posts, there are twenty-seven federal agencies that work with the embassy staff. So, to receive the appointment of an ambassador is a weighty responsibility.

” We are ambassadors for Christ… who carry the message of Christ to the world, as though God were tenderly pleading with them directly through our lips.”

2 Corinthians 5:20 ESV, TPT

I marvel, that Almighty God would choose us lowly humans to both carry the life of Jesus within us and to then trust us to best represent that same powerful and loving Jesus to the world. What weak and faulty vessels we are, to contain such a treasure and bear such a responsibility. Yet, that is exactly what God has purposed for those of us who claim Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

If that’s you, consider:

  • YOU are the highest ranking representative of God’s kingdom, on Earth
  • it is not only your responsibility to represent Kingdom values and interests in the world, but to protect and promote them as well
  • you are bound by the laws of your country, but you are also responsible to see that your countrymen know their rights in God’s kingdom
  • your ambassador post will demand long, hard and sometimes dangerous hours & locations
  • be ready when crisis’ come, because people will be looking to you to lead and advise
  • building goodwill, helping people see that God is good and loving is an important part of your daily duty

I wish that I could promise you a full time salary, staff and all those other perks, but I am confident that your reward in heaven will far surpass those earthly benefits.

The US Ambassador’s flag

In the same way that no person could adequately reflect the fullness and greatness of the American Constitution with it’s values, and the freedom loving way of life, no human can adequately represent the Kingdom of God on Earth. And yet, we do our best to live up to our honorable appointment and express to others the amazing life that we live on Earth but also the joyous expectation that we have as citizens of heaven.

As His ambassadors, we allow God’s love and words to tenderly plead with them through our lips.

What an honor. What a joy. What a responsibility.

To be His ambassadors.

Cheers to you,


  1. Benefits and Duties of US Ambassador, Thomas Metculf, 5/17

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  1. Dennis Chaney

    I truly enjoy your “expository” writing. The time you spend to research and bring it together is am Amazing Gift.

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