Part of Something Bigger

Yesterday, my L.A. RAMS won the Super Bowl! It was a day and night of celebrations throughout the region. In those interviews that followed with players and coaches, I noticed how many of them attributed their success to “being part of something bigger than myself.” It was astounding to hear it repeated so often and at so many levels of the organization.

Den and I at SoFi (tee hee)

And it got me thinking…

When we have that awareness, that of being part of something bigger than ourselves- our purpose, fulfillment and happiness finds it’s own realization. When we use our part, our giftings, our talents and strengths to better the whole, we obtain personal satisfaction and enjoyment. Especially when working with others who carry that same vision of contributing to the betterment of the whole, but not exclusively. Cuz, let’s face it, we often find ourselves living and working next to ones who are not so inclined, and do not care about contributing to the betterment of anything. They are living only for themselves and their profitability.

I love that the Israelites were all told to bring a half shekel as an offering for the tabernacle- the rich and poor, all had to bring the same thing, their half shekel. Not a whole shekel, a half shekel. Weird.

Could perhaps there be a message here?

Your half is incomplete, only half of what is needed. We can’t do anything on our own, we can only do half. The other half must come from everyone else. Together, we form the whole and can accomplish great things. We are part of something much bigger than ourselves but need what others have as well.

Consider your part, your giftings, your strengths and be faithful to live them out. Are you generous, joyous, positive, humble, patriotic, fiscally sound, wise, a hard worker, insightful, musical, kind? We need you, we need that part, live it, let others see it, share it. Your half is vital and part of something bigger. Don’t hide it.

Go RAMS and go YOU.


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