To the Weak and Wounded – Your Turnaround is Coming !

Sunday Sermon 1.29.22

Imagine, if you will, a boxer in the ring having withstood twelve, grueling rounds; he is weak and wounded, but he is still standing. This is such a fitting description of God’s people in the last scene of Isaiah 51, the chapter we have been studying.

Staggering about the ring, having trouble standing on their own, and trapped within the ring of punishment, their pain radiating, are God’s people. Overwhelmed, pounded, briused and weak, they are seemingly at the mercy of their opponent and about to go down.

Isaiah describes it as Israel being staggering drunk without anyone to help them get home, no help, no comfort, seized by disaster and devastation and overcome by God’s anger. He describes what they have experienced as “drinking from the cup of God’s anger”. He says they are weak and wounded because of their intoxication on God’s anger. Isaiah 51:17-21

The Bible is clear, and states in many places that there will be days of God’s anger, His judgment. Days when He will pour out His wrath and judge mankind for their works. These are the days Isaiah is identifying for the nation of Israel, and the days that they were living in – the days of God’s jusgment.

Yet, right in the middle of that, look what it says,

“So listen, you who are weak and wounded, This is what your sovereign ruler, Lord Yahweh, your God, the Mighty Defender of his people says, “Look! I have removed from your hand the intoxicating cup that made you stagger. You will no longer drink from the bowl of my anger. Instead, I will put that bowl in the hands of your tormentors, who said to you, “Lie down so we can walk all over you! For your back became like the ground they trample on, like the street for them to walk on.”

Isaiah 51:22-25 TPT

God removed that judgment filled cup from Israel’s hands, they were no longer going to be drinking from it. His judgments, however justified and timely, were now going to be lifted from them, but not removed altogether. Why?

Because those very oppressors and tormentors, who had been pounding them, were now going to get pounded. They were going to be the recipients of the cup of God’s wrath and anger. Those who had walked all over them were now going to be trampled, by the Lord! The cup of His anger was being placed in their hands and those very tormentors and oppressors were going to drink from it. He was going to judge THEM!

The Assyrians were well known for their cruelity and psychological warfare, they had mastered the art of war and torture. History thoroughly documents this. And now, they were about to get a taste of their own medicine.

God’s Word is true. The very gallows that Haman built to kill Mordecai on, was where he died. Esther 7:10 The evil that Joseph’s brothers intended for him, came back on them. Genesis 50:20 Evil people fall into their own traps. Proverbs 29:6 Wicked people fall into their own nets. Psalms 141:10 Our enemies may set a trap for us, but they will fall into it. Psalms 57:6

I believe what God did in removing the cup of His anger from Israel, He has done for us. In my Spirit, this past week, I sensed a major shift, and it could very well be just that. That God’s releived His people from the burden of the two year oppression of being walked all over and is reassigning His wrath upon our oppressors. We have been released and freed!

So let us,

Wake up, wake up, get up... you who have drunk enough from Yahweh’s cup of anger…”

Isaiah 51:17 CEV

The days of our oppression are behind us now! It is time for us to wake up out of our despondency and despair. Shake our heads, stir ourselves, revive our weary hearts and stand on our feet like the Army of God that we are. No more dry and dead bones, being walked on by the enemy. God’s people are arising, for the tide has turned!

” …the hour has come for you to wake up from sleep… so then, let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. Let us walk properly as in the daytime…”

Romans 13:11-14

God has lifted you up and the enemy can no longer walk all over you. It is time for you to crush Satan underneath your feet. Romans 16:19 Turn every weapon He has used on you, around back onto him. Start praying this way and see things change in your life, your family, your neighborhood and your nation. Your neighborhood needs you. Your nation needs you. Wake up and start stomping!

It’s time for the people of God to rise and walk jn faith, speaking His word, and believe for His Kingdom to overthrow and defeat that of our spiritual enemies. Lets live like more than conquerors.

He has restored more than your hope. He has restored your soul your power, your vitality and your victory. You are no longer weak and wounded, your turn around has come!

Go get ’em,


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