Briquettes and Bonfires

I feel to share with you a vivid set of pictures that came clearly to my mind this week. (1.22.22)

I first saw this blue and white bag of bbq briquettes.

Then I saw a group of people coming from many locations to one central gathering. I knew them to be people when traveling there, but they became briquettes when they arrived. And thus, the gathering was a bunch of bbq briquettes, which we’re going to be set on fire in the gathering.

They were each one set ablaze, and together became an enormous bonfire. Burning ever so intense, hot and powerful.

This powerful fire then became mobil as each briquette took its burning passion with them to their home, workplace, neighborhood and church.

There then, in those homes and workplaces other briquettes joined them, and formed yet another mass of briquettes that were set ablaze with that same powerfully intense fire. There was a bonfire burning brightly in that home, or workplace were the briquettes had gathered.

From those homes & workplaces, just like the first bonfire, each burning briquette left to return to their home. Where again more briquettes would gather to be ignited.

This was repeated endlessly. Briquettes (people) gathering together and being ignited. Then leaving the bonfire with the fire burning within, to meet up with other briquettes who in turn would be ignited by the group of gathered briquettes.

Soon, the whole geographical area was dotted with burning, powerful bonfires. These fires were making a positive difference in the area, as their intensity, demonstration and brightness could not be ignored.

End of the pictures.

I believe we have entered a time spiritually in our nation and neighborhoods where spiritual bonfires are being set by hungry and flammable briquettes that are gathering together or will be gathering together.

This is not the time for solo briquettes to remain isolated from the bonfire gatherings.

You are that briquette. Consider where you need to gather to be set ablaze and go there, get lit. Then consider who you need to gather in your home or workplace, and share your fire with them. There are many waiting and wanting to be ignited by something powerful. Invite them.

We have turned a corner spiritually, and it is time to join with other burning briquettes to see the bonfire explode.

Burn, baby, burn.


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