2 Year Anniversary

Happy 2 year anniversary!

Exactly two years ago today, (1/10/20) our first blog post was written. Since that faith-filled, yet anxious first post, we have experienced remarkable support, loyality and clarity.

Here’s what experts tell us about some other 2 year anniversaries. For instance, did you know that:

  • your sheets should be replaced after 2 years of use
  • sunscreen, as well, has a lifetime expectancy of only 1 to 2 years
  • towels and pillows too, should be replaced after 2 years
  • even your food storage containers should be replaced after 2 years

Or, how about these animals, who generally have a life span of 2 years or so:

  • rat, 2-3 years
  • water snake, 2 years
  • mouse, 3 years
  • mosquito-fish, (whatever that is), a year and a half
  • betta fish, 3 years

Better yet, how ’bout looking at some animals of longevity:

  • Bowhead whales can live 100-200 years
  • tubeworms can live 300 plus years
  • or, on the shorter, but long-life side, the rhino- living 40 years

The point? We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary of blogging inspiration and hope to have many, many more.

In those 2 years we have:

  1. reached 66 countries
  2. on 6 continents
  3. with over 5,000 views
  4. in 255 published posts
  5. gained nearly 400 combind followers
  6. a new follower being added every 3-4 days
  7. hundreds of likes
  8. scores of comments
  9. expanded to include Instagram and IGTV with 160 followers
  10. Twitter and GETTR followers
  11. YouTube subscribers with 91 videos
  12. and a (paused) Podcast with over 200 plays

It has been a truly remarkable and humbling experience. To those precious 9 friends, who have been with me from day one, I say a humble and hearty THANK YOU! (Den, Mark, Kim, Becca, Lorine, Linda, Paul, Denise and Charisse). Your support has meant the world to me and is faith’s fuel. To those who have joined along the way, my heart is grateful for your interest, curiosity and faith.

all the nations we have touched

Although 2 years ago, I worried that my blogging might have the 2 month life span of a housefly, I am confident now in my mission of inspiring and am trusting to go beyond the frogs, 6 year life span, and maybe even reach that of a dog, 12 years. 🙂

always starting with an empty screen & trusting to fill it up with inspiration

Thank you to all of our readers for making these the most popular posts.

  • Give Us a Discerning Heart
  • A Most Beautiful Heart
  • On the Lighter Side
  • Elephants and Camels
  • After You Have Done All to Stand
  • Are You and Influencer
  • Standing at the Hinge of Hisory
  • It’s Time to Pray
  • Incomprehensible
  • Your Voice

Please visit the archives at the updated website to check out any of our 253 blogs.

If you would, please leave a comment or send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.

Cheers to another year of blogging (and maybe even reaching that untouched continent of Antarctica. ha ha) .


3 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary

  1. Dennis Chaney

    I am so proud of you my Lady Debra. Your blogs are so relevant to the times we are in. I believe 2022 will be a “double portion” year as we witness and participate in the preparations for the return of our Messiah. 2020 and 2021 has already proven to be unprecedented turbulent times for America and the Christian church. The world’s stage has been set to become increasingly more difficult as we face assaults to our religious freedoms, family structure, employment, travel, food and supply chain, further decline in morality, murdering of the unborn, etc., etc., etc. I am confident as we continue to rejoice in the Lord and give thanksgiving to all that happens this year that we do so knowing the Lord has all things under His control. Be prepared as the Lord will increase His downloads to those with itchy ears to hear and eyes to see. Discernment and wisdom will increase as we increase our faith and trust in Him. I love you with an agape love!

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