It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s an Accident

It’s not a star and it’s not a planet, but it is so bright it is confusing the border between the two. So, what exactly is it?

It was moving so fast, faster in fact than anything ever before seen, and it was illuminating the sky as it went, which made it really weird to astronomers.

Blazing through the sky, 50 light years away at 200 KM per second was what was soon to receive the name WISE 1534-1043. After more close study of its characteristics and the fact that it was discovered “on accident”, it has since been renamed “the Accident”.

What astronomers believed they discovered was a brown dwarf – a failed star, because it is lacking size to begin nuclear fusion within it, but “the Accident’s” size, speed and temperatire has blurred the lines between star and planet, and has left the brotherhood of astronomy shaking it’s head in puzzlement. In fact, even the name, brown dwarf is inaccurate, for in fact it is more of a orange or red in color.

brown dwarf

According to Nolan Grieves of the University of Geneva in Switzerland, “we don’t know the true nature of these objects.”

Science facinates me. In all of its fields I marvel that so much is still unknown. Man is doing his very best to figure out the things that surround us, and technology is helping in this endeavor, but let’s face it, we really don’t understand what is going on either.

So much of what comes into our lives seems to be accidental or unintended. doesn’t it? It impacts our little world, lights it up if you will, and then quickly leaves a heated trail behind, leaving us shaking our heads saying, “What just happened?” or “What was that?”.

We quickly attempt to identify it and place a label on it. Yet, before long, after closer examination, we see the defining lines blurring and our understanding more and more obscured, as we have to admit we really don’t know the true nature of the object.

My heart today, is not to talk to you in veiled images, but to encourage you to keep looking deeper into “the Accidents” in your life. I believe they are not without meaning, purpose and signifigance to you. You may not fully understand that brilliant flare up whizzing through your orbit, but it is more than an accident, and is meant to show you something, teach you something and help you discover more about what it all means.

There is revelation available to those who seek it as to the true nature of these “accidental” objects in our little world.

Let’s seek it out.

Cheers to yu,


One thought on “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No, It’s an Accident

  1. Dennis Chaney

    Wow! Nice! It seems I’ve experienced a lot of “accidents” lately that has challenged me to look deeper and deeper into them. Why me I ask myself. Am I accident prone? Perhaps I’m leaving sanity behind and rapidly tumbling into a world of confusion. What must I do? The answer is simple. Take it to the Lord in prayer and ask for discernment and wisdom to “connect” the dots.

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