Month: May 2021

Finding Your Purpose

This Friday’s Podcast of The Joshua Files 5.7.21

Is it time to reevaluate, or maybe even establish for the first time?

Finding your purpose and living with it as the compass for your life is one of the most basic foundations of adulthood. In this podcast we address all of these issues and offer some serious thoughts to consider. Please check it out:

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Your Amazing…


That’s right, your amazing feet. They are marvelous body parts that we give too little credit and probably too little attention to. And yet without them, we would have no support or balance.

I was reminded of their immense value last night when I got home from work after spending 12 hours in my black, (very stylish, of course… ha ha ) “combat boots”. Seriously, from 7:45 AM to 7:45 PM I wore them. AND, while at work from 1:00-6:00 PM, I was literally on my feet the whole time. No sitting, only walking, and standing.

When I walked in the door after work, I couldn’t get my poor size 8’s free fast enough. Ahhh, relief! What ever was I thinking when I left in the morning, or was I even thinking at all?

Well, that night, I thought alot about feet and their overlooked importance to us. (as mine were throbbing severely)

Lets talk about feet, shall we? Do you realize jus’ how amazing they are built and what they endure for us?

Did you know that:

  • You have 8,000 nerves in your feet, more per square centimeter than anyplace else in your body
  • Your daily walking cause your feet to experience forces totaling tons, actually equaling a fully loaded cement truck
  • Each foot takes 1.5 times your body weight
  • And when you run, up to 5 times your weight
  • There are 28 bones in your feet, a quarter of all the bones in your body!
  • You have 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons in your feet
  • there are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet that are capable of making a half pint of sweat a day

Your feet are AMAZING! Their design is a masterpiece able to withstand and adapt to uneven surfaces. Able to flex and twist and carry you wherever you choose to go.

These finely tuned pieces of machinery have two important functions:

  1. weight bearing
  2. propulsion

Both of which require stability during your walk, run, jumping, balancing, climbing or any number of other activities that you do. Without your feet, your life would have no support or balance.

By the time you are 50 years old, the average person will have walked 75,000 miles and sustained sprains, strains and possible fractures. But your feet got the job done for you. One stat even said that if you walk 8-10,000 steps a day, that makes 115,000 in a lifetime; or equal to 4 times circling the globe.

And the hero is – YOUR FEET.

Add to these astounding facts that the bones in your feet don’t actually harden until your 21, and that these natural shock absorbers grow totally new toenails every 6 months, (slower than fingernails, which grow .01mm a day) and I think that we have established the fact the you have amazing feet.

Our feet stand us up.

So the next time you’re wondering if you can take a stand, or feel like you are lacking the support that you need – consider your wonderful feet. You are standing, and you do have support!

When you are evaluating your life and wondering if things are in the right balance for you – consider your feet.

Our dependable feet- constant for support and balance, our unsung hero’s for allowing us to stand up.

Your amazing feet!

Cheers to your feet,


Get Ready to Cross

Sunday Sermon 5.1.21

For the past four months, there has been a sense in the Spirit that we are on the edge of something; a break through, a release, a new and powerful outpouring, taking on some promised land, if you will.

Actually, on December 10, 2020, I wrote this in my Bible –

” I sense in the Spirit we’re at a point of preparing to cross over into new territory.”

That was confirmed by others that very day, and since then it has been boiling and brewing more and more in people all over the world. Perhaps you are even one…

What does that mean, get ready to cross over?

Well, for starters, it is based on the story of Joshua in the Bible.

In Joshua 1, we find that Moses has died, and along with him, perhaps the hopes, expectations, faith and trust of the nation of Israel. After all, he was the one who went up on the mountain and spent 40 days with God- AND LIVED. He is the one who received the commandments. He is the one who had led them through the Red Sea and all those nasty plagues in Egypt. He was the one that God talked to God and then delivered the message to Aaron. Moses was THE MAN of GOD.

He’s dead now tho, what now? Imagine the confusion in this conflicted people. Really, what do we do now?

They recognized that they were at a crossroads. They knew they had to cross into the land they were promised. They were aware their journey had not yet been completed. That now was a valid fear and worry for them.

“What do we do now?” may even express what you have been feeling lately. “Where do we go form here?”, “What’s next?”. Perhaps for you too, fear and worry have crept in as you realize the precipice that we are standing on and the danger that lies ahead.

Returning to Joshua 1, we see what the response was to that concern and fear.

“After the death of Moses… the Lord said to Joshua… Moses is dead. Now then, you and all these people get ready to cross over the Jordan River into the land I am about to give them…”

Joshua 1:1-2

God spoke. He spoke the obvious – Moses is dead. (duh) Then He told them to get ready to cross over because He was going to give them the land He had promised to them.

When they didn’t know what to do or what was next, God reminded them that His promise is true so get ready to cross over and see it fulfilled.

When we don’t know what to do because the old ways are done with, God’s promise is that He will give us the new land if we prepare and cross over.

There are some very powerful statements made in Joshua to Joshua and the people of Israel and those words need to resonate in our heart and minds as well. These are the days for them to ring loud and clear and dispel any fear and unbelief.

These are the things for us to be believing and practicing if we are to cross over from the old ways into the new days:

Check them out:

  • I will give you every place where you set your foot Joshua 1:3
  • No one will be able to stand against you Joshua 1:5
  • As I was with Moses so I will be with you, I will never leave you or forsake you Joshua 1:5
  • Be strong and courageous Joshua 1:6
  • Be careful to obey all my law Joshua 1:7
  • Do not turn to the right or to the left Joshua 1:7
  • Keep this Book of the Law on your lips Joshua 1:8
  • Meditate on it Joshua 1:8
  • Be strong and courageous Joshua 1:9
  • Do not be afraid or discouraged Joshua 1:9
  • For the Lord is with you where ever you go Joshua 1:9

My friends, something wonderful in the Spirit realm is about to explode upon us, upon the Earth. God has promised it, we are expecting it. But we must be spiritually awake, spiritually hungry & spiritually empowered to both see and participate in it. This is the call of Joshua and the Joshua generation of believers.

Gone are the days of quietly sitting in family gatherings, or silently enduring community planning meetings, or phone conversations denying the power and relevance of the Christian message. Gone are the days of quiet believers letting go of opportunities to speak the Word, return the focus to God and His abilities and stand up for what is right and just.

It is time to cross over!

It is time to take the cross over into every relationship, every meeting, every conversation, every idea. It is time to cross over. Prepare yourselves, get ready, delay no longer. It is time to cross over.

That means, for those of us willing to accept that challenge, that:

  • our personal faith is growing, not diminishing
  • we recognize the Lordship of Jesus in our every day life and that He is with us
  • we may grow weak or faint, but find our courage and strength in Him and His Word
  • voices may tell us values are changing, but we are holding to the absolute truth of the Word of God
  • we talk about the Word, we think about the Word.
  • we are strengthened by Him
  • we find courage in Him
  • we know He is with us, no matter where we go or what happens

These are mindsets for the believer and I hope for you.

Times are changing. Our country is changing. Views are changing. It appears that the old is dead and gone.

But I refuse to let go of God’s standard, His promises and His end game. It is time to cross over!

The river is at flood level, it seems impossible and beyond human achievement to cross now, I know. What do we do? What’s next? The old is gone? We’ve never gone this way before. This is new territory.

There is in you, a ray of His Word, a splinter of of truth, or a wealth of Word. It is time for you to release it. Let it out, everywhere you go, in every setting. Let it out. Cross over that barrier and be strong, courageous, the Lord is with you.

Speak hope, speak life, speak truth, speak strength, speak faith. Step through that barrier and into a new season. Cross over. You have it in you, let it flow out of you.

It matters little the storehouse of Word that is in you now. What matters much is how you are using and sharing what you do have. Please, don’t think that you have nothing to share, or that you are not a qualified vessel to say anything at all. We all are to share what we have, our own personal story, and when we do, more will be given to us. But it is true that “to whom much is given, much is required.”

It is time, my friend, for those that call themselves believers to cross over. To break free from fear and begin sharing the message of the Gospel, the message of hope, the message of life where ever they go. He is with us. Be strong and courageous. He is with you.

Keep your eyes and hearts open. Along your path He has placed ones that need what you have. Don’t pass them by, don’t overlook them. They need exactly what YOU have. It is time to cross over.

Be strong and very courageous, get ready to cross over.

Go with God.