Refreshing others

Isn’t it wonderful to hear the stories of people who choose to do good and help others in time of need? It’s inspiring! It brings hope and reassurance. It lifts our spirit. It encourages us.

Here are some recent such stories:

  • An anonymous do-gooder has made and left around Dana Point these encouraging surfboard signs
  • The Pacific Symphony members have been playing movements in trios, duets or solo on Instagram for the joy of their viewers
  • A non-profit was started to collect donations and then purchase meals from restaurants to have delivered to hospitals for the doctors and nurses
  • A salaried professor is Venmo-ing $20 to any neighbor in need, no questions asked
  • A couple who had to downsized their wedding and got married at home – but the entire neighborhood surprised them by celebrating from their cars, cheering and honking horns
  • A mob of cars showed up at a hospital and parked in the lot. From each car stood 1-2 people, with hands lifted toward the hospital in prayer for those affected by the virus in that hospital
  • WestJet threw a mini-graduation for 4 students who had to fly home due to the virus
  • Neighbors on lockdown sang Happy Birthday to an 80 year old from their balconies and windows

People who refresh others are so refreshing!

My hunch is that many of us want to be refreshing to others. We may or may not do so in a way that makes the 5 O’clock news but that doesn’t matter. I would like to offer this original acrostic as a means to encourage and inspire you to first be refreshed and then refresh others.


R – Reflect

E – Enjoy family & the small things

F -Find purpose & routine in each day

R – Reach out to friends & neighbors

E – Encourage others

S – Seek God

H – Hear his voice

Repeat the process…

These tidbits will help us find the refreshing that we personally need and also equip us to be that refreshing to others. You DO have something to offer others, even if it be only your smile.

” You can always give something, even if it is only kindness.”

Anne Frank

May you find refreshing today and give refreshing tomorrow.

Cheers to you.

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