Let’s Celebrate!

Celebrations are fun. (or are supposed to be)

They are generally happy times with family or friends. They are often loud & colorful, but can also be quiet and simple. Celebrations happen for all kinds of events, people, reasons, successes, and accomplishments.

Celebrations help us remember what matters.

In my city this week we begin “The Festival of Whales” celebration, where we actually celebrate the annual migration of whales! It’s a fun time with a parade, vendors, kids activities, lots of food and music.

In a couple of weeks a neighboring city is celebrating the annual return of the swallows to Mission San Juan Capistrano.

In Pine Bush, New York they celebrate UFO’s and Aliens yearly. Who knew?

Celebrations can be big (national or city wide) or small (personal). But science has told us a few things about the importance of celebrations. Celebrations:

  • release stress
  • provide motivation
  • are linked with gratitude (and we all know the benefits of gratitude)
  • help us to remember important things
  • are just plain fun
  • call attention or honor a person or things gained

Me thinks, it’s time to celebrate YOU, on a personal level.

Your accomplishments. You got up today, right? You’re still breathing and fighting, right? What other things, (you may say little things) in your life do you need to celebrate? Did you try something new? Loose weight? Take a risk? Make that phone call? Had that conversation? Ate something new? Did something without forgetting? Actually sat down for a while? Read a book? Send that email? Paid those bills? Ordered that item? Renewed that subscription? Did your nails? Folded the clothes? Fixed a meal? Cleaned the closet, drawer, room oh geesh, this cleaning never stops!

All of those and hundreds more “little things” are worth celebrating. YOU and the things you do are worth celebrating. There is nothing stupid about it, nothing unimportant about it. Celebrating your “little”, daily accomplishments will give you a boost, motivation and so much more.

Celebrating simply make us feel better. Seriously, those oxytocins, which reduce stress thrive on celebrations. We feel more energy even.

So I say, find something to celebrate. Right now. Think about it. What can you celebrate right now? Got it? Well then, there’s nothing left to do than CELEBRATE. (Hear the music “Celebrate Good Times, C’mon” in the background now?)

Yay! Good for you! Way to go! That was awesome! Party on!

Cheers to YOU.

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