Are you an “Influencer”?

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My husband was recently told that because of his 4,500 Twitter followers, he is an influencer. (who knew?)

PewDiePie, is the number 1 most followed YouTuber with 80.6 million. The Brazilian, Whindersson Nunes 77.2 million followers. Kylie Jenner 147 million Instagram followers, earning her a hefty $1.2 million per post. All of these are referred to as influencers.

According to those who study such things, influencers are described in the following categories:

  • mega influencers = more than a million followers
  • macro influencer = 100,00 – 1,000,000 followers
  • micro influencer = 1,000 – 100,000 followers
  • nano influencer = less than 1,000 followers

Although the nano influencer is a relatively new breed, marketing companies find great benefits in working with them. Some of the benefits are: they are authentic, they are approachable, they work hard and they are cost effective. “Sometimes thinking big involves thinking small.” (“Nano Influencers: Everything You Need to Know”,, 10/2019)

On a related tangent, remember the Six Degrees of Separation idea? Everyone is connected to each other through others they know, by 6 rounds of introductions. There is significant data to support this, even in a world of 7 billion people. In 1990 the play came out which took the 1929 idea to stage. But in 2011, FaceBook did a study that said it is no longer 6 degrees that separate us but merely 4.74 degrees that separate us from one another.

Well, again I ask, are you an influencer?

Most of us would probably say “no”. Then, we’d qualify it in some way, especially in light of the categories listed above. However, consider this.

Data shows that the average person probably touches over 80,000 lives in their lifetime! Here’s how-

  • average lifespan 78.3 years
  • we remember people after age 5
  • 365.24 days per year
  • 3 new people/day
  • (78.3 – 5) x 3 x 365.24 = 80,316.276
  • (

Are you an influencer? ABSOLUTELY, YES!

You have family and loved ones in your tightest circle. Maybe a few good friends. Other friends. Meaningful contacts. Acquaintances. And people you recognize. Within those circles of influence, the average person will have 2,220 people! ALL AFFECTED by YOU. Granted, you’re closer to some more than others, but you are an influence in their lives.

Let that sink in, lest you have thought you weren’t an influencer. You have a unique influence on those around you. You have had influence your whole life up to this point and you will continue to have influence long after you are gone.

Please don’t diminish your influence. Don’t let anything, any one or any voice depreciate your valuable influence on those around you. Expand your influence. Increase your influence. Use your influence. Nano influencers have tremendous influence, value and importance. They are, you are, the building blocks of life’s relationships, the chains in our interconnectedness.

Within your circle of influence you are authentic, approachable. People need that, need you. Your circles are connected to someone else’s circles, and so on goes your influence. We are all connected, and at it’s core is your influence. My influence. We ARE influencers. “Sometimes thinking big, involves thinking small.” One person at a time. 80,000 in our lifetime, connecting the world one degree at a time.

One last time, are you an influencer? (Am I hearing a resounding “YES!”?)

Cheers to you.

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