IF – intermittent fasting
  • … one of the latest health and fitness trends
  • … helps to improve health, simplify lifestyle and weight loss
  • … has powerful effects on the body and brain
  • … helps cells initiate the repair process
  • … skyrockets human growth hormone 5 fold
  • … reduces bad cholesterol
  • … may prevent cancer in animals
  • … promotes positive brain health (BDNF hormone increases)
  • … extends life expectancy (in rats) 36-83%
  • … all stats according to HEALTHLINE.com

What is it? What do you think?

We’ll get to it, hang in there, (if your’e still wondering).

I was researching this particular topic last fall because it was interesting and piqued my curiosity. In my view it represented a much larger principle and need in our society. And forget society even, it represented a much larger NEED in MY LIFE .

What? IF. Intermittent fasting.

“Periods of eating and fasting – an eating pattern. Fasting from time to time.”

I won’t spend time here giving you the value of periodioc fasting, although there are vast lists of physical, mental, lifestyle and spiritual benefits. Check them out should you be interested.

To me, diet or health were not the major issues or interest. The greater principle at hand was SELF DENIAL.

We live in a “must have” world. We have unlimited streaming, 1-2 day shopping/delivery, snacks anytime we want, fast mobil connections to pretty much anyplace we choose. We can get it delivered, get picked up at our door step, shop at will, buy in bulk, and upgrade or increase our limits for more.

More, more, more. Indulge, enjoy, repeat. We always want more. And often a voice within tells us we deserve everything we want. But having more doesnt make us happier.

“As people grow accustomed to material goods, they often experience hedonic adaptation and are less inclined to savor daily pleasures.”

Psychology Today, Dr. Allen McConnell Ph.D.

In the same article, Dr. McConnell suggests that intentionally withholding access to pleasurable things would boost savoring daily pleasures. He then designed a scientific study at the University of British Columbia to test

“Could self-denial increase happiness?”

Dr. McConnell

His research included 55 undergraduate students and chocolate. It’s a fun study to read. At the end of his study, his outcome

“The restricted access participants (to chocolate) were happier than members of the other two groups.”

In his Quiodback and Dunn study he demonstrated that self-denial actually makes people happier, in part because they learn to savor more and look forward to it.

When was the last time I denied myself, actually said a big, fat no to something I wanted (and didn’t really need)? Humph…

Well, I began the new year determined to practice that helpful and healthy habit. I would intentionally deny myself what I wanted (and didn’t need). I found myself doing this across the boards in my life. “Self-denial – restraining, curbing one’s desires- to reduce”. Besides curbing physical appetites I wanted to add the spiritual dimension too. So my 2020 lifestyle has included not IF/intermittent fasting in the trendy diet sense, but fasting in the Biblical sense. Denying self to gain bigger, borader, more powerful and important goals. I needed to practice self-denial.

The results? WELL WORTH the sacrifice! The Benefits? Beyond this world. AM I happy? Never been more. (and my Amazon shopping has plummeted!)

IF, it’s not just a health and fitness trend. Denying self (and fasting) is an eternal principle with eternal benefits and with rewards of happiness and daily satisfaction. (and spiritual breakthrough)

When was the last time you said “no” to your wants? When was the last time you denied yourself?

Greater happiness is waiting.

Cheers to you (unless you’re denying yourself tonight ) 🙂

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