Perspective is everything

Sometimes the way we take what we hear is wrong. Our interpretation is off. Sometimes we are in need of rehearing it, through a different filter, with a different perspective.

Sometime ago a decision was made regarding me that was shocking. Life altering and affected every area of my life. I was told, “we’re letting you go”.

If you’ve ever heard those words, you know. It knocks the breath out of you. Especially with no previous indicators!

And if you haven’t, then you can imagine. (And give thanks.)

That statement played over and over for months in my head. My emotions were wrecked. I was stunned. Hurt. And so much more.

Until I heard those words through a different filter. Until I processed them differently. Until another perspective dawned on me.

It was time for me to go. My time there was up. There was another direction for me to go in. That place was releasing me into something else. I needed to go that new direction. (Whether I wanted to or not at the time.)

It was time to GO. I was being let go. Go, Debbie. Now is the time to go.


That perspective changed my life again and for so much good.

Words are powerful. So too, is our interpretation of them.

Be encouraged, that even when the most shocking words are hurled at you, our perception of them is key. Listen yes, but in time ask yourself and reevaluate “what was really said?”

Cheers you you.

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